The Lowdown on Fixed and Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers

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Do your B2B operations use non-fixed VoIP numbers? If you’re familiar with the technology, it’s pretty easy to understand the benefits of doing so in certain circumstances. However, it’s still a term that many folks aren’t familiar with. Or, perhaps you want to learn the key differences between fixed and non-fixed numbers. Today, we’ll tell you [...]

Become a DirectNet Partner and Reap the Rewards!

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Any business looking to grow and thrive needs a communications solution that faces the future with full redundancy, flexibility, and optimal performance. At DirectNet, this and much more is what we offer with our industry-leading cloud-based wholesale VoIP – the new standard. By joining us and adopting this powerful yet user-friendly technology, you can take advantage [...]

The Fundamentals of VoIP: How it Works

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Let’s say you’ve been using outdated telephony solutions for years, but the time has come to switch to something modern and more efficient. Well, we at DirectNet can make your B2B communications much simpler and more reliable with our wholesale cloud-based VoIP platform. But wait, what is VoIP and what are its benefits? It can be [...]

VoIP Security Threats You May Not Have Considered, But We Have!

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At DirectNet, we’re all about empowering your B2B communications with innovative, cloud-based solutions. However, our primary focus above all else remains simple and effective: Deliver unprecedented network security and industry-leading uptime. We have decades of collective experience in addressing all sorts of security threats to VoIP. Here are the four biggest risks out there, all of [...]

Who Benefits from DirectNet the Most?

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The team at DirectNet is proud to offer 100-percent Canadian-owned and operated communications networking services to countless businesses. That said, some customers wonder if we provide the ideal solution for them. Long story short, DirectNet is an excellent fit for just about any company in need of a fully redundant voice package with carrier-grade architecture. Let’s [...]

Why We Need a New, Improved Standard in VoIP

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At DirectNet, we are the standard for clear, effective voice communications in the 21st century. Our passion is to improve reliable technologies and complement them with cutting-edge features, making them more suitable for your business today. That said, why do we need a new, improved standard in VoIP networking? Let’s highlight why remaining innovative is essential [...]

Protect Assets and Growth with Secure Communications

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Today more than ever, we depend on networking that is resilient and designed to be proactive. This is mainly because almost all businesses conduct their operations primarily online, and more than ever are switching to cloud-based solutions for their communications. The trouble is, outdated connections can be intercepted, meaning sensitive data and contact information can be [...]

Why You Should Care About Cloud-Based VoIP Service Agility

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Technological innovation doesn’t stand still. There’s always either something new in the works, entering the market to great excitement or getting phased out. Don’t let your business become the latter by settling for the costlier, outdated communications networking you have in place. There’s always room for improvement, and what if there’s a solution that was designed [...]

Uptime Makes a Business; Downtime Breaks a Business

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Is your business experiencing smooth sailing with one of our cloud-based VoIP solutions at DirectNet? Or, are you using outdated, costlier technology that is introducing inefficiencies? Regardless, we all strive for the most network uptime we can get our hands on. That’s why DirectNet is proud to offer 99.96 percent uptime with our in-house support and [...]

Our 2019 VoIP and Communications Trend Predictions

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With the new year in full swing, we at DirectNet couldn’t be more excited for the prospects on the horizon – for us as well as our loyal customers! As technologies change and new innovations emerge, the world of communications is set for a breakthrough in many ways. Here are our predictions for how 2019 will [...]