Protect Assets and Growth with Secure Communications

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Today more than ever, we depend on networking that is resilient and designed to be proactive. This is mainly because almost all businesses conduct their operations primarily online, and more than ever are switching to cloud-based solutions for their communications. The trouble is, outdated connections can be intercepted, meaning sensitive data and contact information can be [...]

Why You Should Care About Cloud-Based VoIP Service Agility

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Technological innovation doesn’t stand still. There’s always either something new in the works, entering the market to great excitement or getting phased out. Don’t let your business become the latter by settling for the costlier, outdated communications networking you have in place. There’s always room for improvement, and what if there’s a solution that was designed [...]

Uptime Makes a Business; Downtime Breaks a Business

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Is your business experiencing smooth sailing with one of our cloud-based VoIP solutions at DirectNet? Or, are you using outdated, costlier technology that is introducing inefficiencies? Regardless, we all strive for the most network uptime we can get our hands on. That’s why DirectNet is proud to offer 99.96 percent uptime with our in-house support and [...]

Our 2019 VoIP and Communications Trend Predictions

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With the new year in full swing, we at DirectNet couldn’t be more excited for the prospects on the horizon – for us as well as our loyal customers! As technologies change and new innovations emerge, the world of communications is set for a breakthrough in many ways. Here are our predictions for how 2019 will [...]

DirectNet’s One-Stop Shop Approach: What’s in It for You?

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There are all sorts of cloud-based voice options out there, but DirectNet stands apart – and far ahead – of the crowd for a number of reasons. Among them is our one-stop shop approach as a 100% Canadian-owned and operated provider. We’re always focused on giving you the best innovations at the best value. Today, let’s [...]

5 User Benefits of Simplified Voice

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Unsure what the benefits are to simplified voice? It’s understandable if you aren’t familiar with the technology. DirectNet has been helping companies adopt the latest innovations to help them succeed in today and tomorrow’s B2B sphere. That being said, let’s dive into some key reasons why making the switch to this modern communications solution can influence [...]

New Year, New Standard — How DirectNet Can Benefit Your Business in 2019

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Are you considering upgrading your telephony services for more efficient B2B communications? You’re not alone. Many businesses are on the verge of making the switch, and some owners are curious about whether or not it’s that big of a leap forward. It can be hard to determine whether or not to switch depending on the provider [...]

How Cloud-Based VoIP Helps Businesses During the Busy Holiday Season

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It’s one of the busiest times of the year for not just Canadian consumers, but businesses as well. As the snow starts to pile up and the holidays loom ever-closer, the need for reliable telephony services by your team may increase. Turning to cloud-based VoIP from a 100% Canadian-owned and operated provider like DirectNet can spare [...]

Why Outsource to DirectNet? Here are 5 Benefits

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If your business has encountered difficulty with securing a resilient, future-proofed network solution, look no further. DirectNet is the new standard when it comes to quality control and network flexibility. Our simplified, highly effective solution is designed for the B2B sphere with a focus on prime engagement and growth potential for your company. Here are five [...]

Defining Popular Telecom Terms II

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We’re all about delivering simplified voice for less here at DirectNet. That said, sometimes there are terms that can confuse or frustrate even the most experienced business customers. We want to ensure that all B2B customers know what they’re getting out of our wholesale VoIP package, and that begins with a clear understanding of common telecom [...]