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Support Issues and Solutions


Please contact [email protected] to verify that the routing is correct.


  1. Check to make sure DND is not enabled in the VVS portal for the account in question.
  2. Customer needs to disable do not disturb or CFW all from her ATA.
    From their home phone, please dial *73, wait 2 seconds, and hang up. Then, dial *79 from your home phone, wait 2 seconds and hang up


Reset the ATA and reconfigure the device according to documentation provided.


Please follow the instructions below:

1. Pick up the phone plugged into the ATA adapter
2. Dial ****, and enter menu option 110# and write down the IP Address it reads (usually
3. Hang up the phone
4. Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome), type the IP Address in the address bar at the top of your screen and press Enter
5. In the User and Password field, type: admin
6. Click the Admin login/ Advanced view
7. Click the Voice->Line 1
8. Find Proxy Field and change from to
9. Click on Save/Submit changes
10. Adapter will now reboot

Please test after making this change, and let us know if this has resolved the issue.


  1. Make sure VM is enabled in the VVS port for the account in question.
  2. The issue can be caused by uploaded a greeting which is not matching our standards.

Please try to re-record or use text to speech – the file you just uploaded cannot be played by VVS system.


Make sure you first dial *67 only. You will then hear a voice prompt confirming the setting “Your caller Id is now blocked,” and the system will hang up. After that, you can dial the destination number.

If you dial it as one string (*67_number_), it will not work.

Solutions (tried in this order):

  • disable any SIP ALG router/modem might have
  • disable port forwarding
  • disable any other ATA or other voice network configuration by other providers
  • register to port 6060 which might help in such situations


All deleted (terminated) accounts are held in a database for 30 days. If an account needs to be reinstated, please contact support.


Ask the customer to provide a list of all blocked numbers they want to call, and send to support to unblock with upstream provider manually.


Please review the email notification that VVS sent for the instructions on how to unblock/fix the IP address blocking issue. Note: you must be logged into VVS from another IP address to unblock. If still an issue, determine the IP address that has been blocked via and send a request to support to fix.


Please contact the end user and make sure their usage is legitimate – if it is not, change the ATA password. If usage is legitimate, they can be migrated to a “high” usage account at an additional cost that gives an additional 5,000 minutes per month.


Unlimited calling in Canada excludes Nunavut, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. Unlimited calling in the United States excludes Guam, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Our platform provides a “best effort” for traditional faxing and fax to email. It is best suited for occasional, non-critical faxing.

  • ATAs should be configured with “T38” set as Pass-Through.
  • Fax machines should lower the bit rate on the fax machine from default value to 9600.

Note: Firmware version for Grandstream HT701 needs to be 1.5.10 or newer.

Make the following changes to the configuration of the ATA:

  1. Disable echo canceller
  2. Set DTMF all options to in audio
  3. Preferred Vocoder PCMU

14164772002 – Voicemail remote access
14382399499 – Voicemail remote access

The setting is called “No Key Entry Timeout”

We recommend the value “3” or “4”

New Call Handling Phone Codes enables the entire Call Handling policy setting via the phone without having to use the WEB User Portal.

  • *30 – Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking Persistent Activation
  • *31 – Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking Persistent Deactivation
  • *44 – Delayed Echo Test (call quality test)
  • *45 – Echo Test (two-way sound test)
  • *46 – DTMF Testing with IVR
  • *56 – Call Waiting Activation on All Calls
  • *57 – Call Waiting Deactivation on All Calls
  • *67 – Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking per Call
  • *70 – Call Waiting Deactivation of the Next Call
  • *72 – Call Forwarding Always Activation
  • *73 – Call Forwarding Always Deactivation
  • *74 – Call Forwarding Always To Voice Mail Activation
  • *75 – Call Forwarding Always To Voice Mail Deactivation
  • *78 – Do Not Disturb Activation
  • *79 – Do Not Disturb Deactivation
  • *92 – Call Forwarding No Answer Activation
  • *93 – Call Forwarding No Answer Deactivation
  • *94 – Call Forwarding No Answer to Voice Mail Activation
  • *95 – Call Forwarding

If your specific issue isn’t listed and you require technical assistance, contact us right away – our 24/7 NOC support team will help you find a solution ASAP.

If your specific issue isn’t listed and you require technical assistance, contact us right away – our 24/7 NOC support team will help you find a solution ASAP.