2020 has been as unconventional a year as they come, both for businesses and the customers they serve. However, the increased need to operate remotely and safely has highlighted just how important cloud-based VoIP can be. With that in mind, let’s fire through some of the most prevalent VoIP-related trends of 2020.

Security-First Solutions

As noted, plenty of operations are shifting to remote operations. They need to be futureproofed with concrete security and reliability. In that sense, security is the top-most-expected feature of VoIP resellers and end-users alike – they want something they can trust. By default and on its own, the base VoIP technology can be more susceptible to cyber threats without a secure framework in place. This is par for the course of any internet-connected system – you don’t use them without a solid firewall and antiviral system in place. That’s why our managed VoIP from DirectNet does away with the risk by actively monitoring and protecting users. This is achieved with our carrier-grade system architecture and round-the-clock support services, identifying and addressing threats before they become problematic.

Greater Interest in Communication-Boosting Features

Throughout 2020, we have all needed to rely on technology that simply works. As use cases have drastically changed, more folks than ever are looking for telephony solutions that incorporate features aimed at improving call reception, efficiency, and general stability. These include many provided by DirectNet, such as a dedicated customer portal for setting up call forwarding, accessing logs, and managing voicemail. In addition, we provide full SIP mobile app integration along with automated porting and a dedicated API for back-office integration – and that’s just the beginning. 

Increased Investment in UCaaS Tech

Unified communications as a service, consisting of elements such as videoconferencing applications and other web-based tools, make it easier to say goodbye to sky-high phone bills and hello to considerable long-term savings. Plus, solutions such as DirectNet are designed to be fully redundant and hyper-scalable, growing with businesses to suit their ever-changing needs. In the case of our VoIP provisioning for dedicated ISPs, you’ll benefit from an easy-to-use solution that enables teams to better collaborate, deliver a higher-quality level of service of your own, and enjoy up to 99.96 percent uptime. As the B2B sphere continues to depend on easier-to-implement communications alternatives that don’t require dedicated onsite hardware – opening the door for remote opportunities – we’re confident that folks will continue to invest in UCaaS solutions and services such as ours.

2020 has been tough to predict and 2021 will surely be tricker, but one thing is for certain: you deserve a new standard of communications. To learn more, reach out to us today to explore our service options.