Kingston Online Services

“Kingston Online Services has been working with DirectNet since 2013.
DirectNet’s wholesale VoIP solution has proven to be a great and reliable value added product for our existing services.The team is easy to work with and we are pleased with the level of service and support that we receive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DirectNet to another company exploring wholesale VoIP options.”

Meredith Simpson, Vice President, Kingston Online Services


Netfox High-speed Internet

“We have been Directnet for over 4 years. choosing DirectNet was easy; reliable Canadian network, fantastic support and the lowest flat rate pricing.”

Dave Stevens, President Netfox Communications Corp.


Vaxxine Computer Systems

“Our experience with the wholesale VoIP services offered by DirectNet has been excellent. They provide quality service, excellent pricing, and are very responsive if any issue arises. After over 3 years using their services we would highly recommend them to anyone contemplating a VoIP offering. You can’t go wrong.”

Dave McCarthy, President Vaxxine Computers Systems Inc.



“We have been working with the DirectNet team for several years and their professionalism, flexibility and speed of intervention have always been an asset for us. Their product offerings enable us to meet our customers expectations.”

Julien Desgagné, President, beTelecom



“DirectNet’s voice platform gives us a significant cost benefit over building our own infrastructure and the overhead to run it. Their platform has proved to be highly reliable with superior uptime and versatility. Customer service is quick to respond 24x7x365.

We have been with DirectNet for over 3 years and would recommend their services to any service provider. “

Brad Groshok, President OdyNet


Suntel Networks

“DirectNet is a very good voip provider. Good features, No long term contacts, post paid, with great call quality and customer support is excellent. Try them out and you will not be disappointed.”

Andy Liao, Principal Suntel Networks


AEI Internet

“AEI has worked with Directnet for over almost 5 years. Directnet provides AEI with a reliable VoIP solution that is bundled with existing Internet services. The Directnet web portal is user friendly for both our staff and the end users.”

Joel Verreault, President AEI


Eyesurf Corp.

“DirectNet has consistently delivered high-quality, reliable, and affordable services to us for over 7 years and counting. Their infrastructure has proven to be very solid, with multiple levels of redundancy, allowing us to focus our efforts on our core business growth. There is no question that DirectNet’s value proposition remains unmatched by competitors in the wholesale voice space.”

Randy Jeehta, Principal and managing director Eyesurf Corp.


Cando Information Technology

“A note of thanks to Directnet for the great service you have given us over the past 3 years. We receive very few complaints about the VOIP system from our clients. The system is very stable and we have not had any downtime. The platform upgrade & maintenance services have always gone seamlessly and without client issues.”

Ken Shurtliffe, President Cando Information Technology