We at DirectNet sell wholesale, cloud-based VoIP solutions to providers who know their customers best. As a result, we’ve amassed a comprehensive understanding of the ideal applications and industries best served by this technology. Today, let’s fire through some of the most common examples of industries that would best benefit from this technology – the new standard of communications for many businesses around the globe.

Customer Service

Clear, high-quality voice calls need to be maintained at optimal quality and performance efficiency, both for callers and recipients. However, that’s not cheap if you’re implementing dedicated landlines and a great tangle of cables for call centre teams, to say nothing about long-distance costs. Cloud-based VoIP does away with the headaches and streamlines the implementation, especially a benefit for large teams where hundreds of employees are manning the phones at the same time. With our 24/7/365 NOC support services, carrier-grade system architecture, automated porting, and low-cost per minute international calling in addition to a variety of customer portal features, cloud-based VoIP is a serious win for almost any customer service application.


Who wants to miss out on a sale due to a spotty connection, downtime, or other communications headaches? Make short work of these needless complications by switching to the new standard, helping sales teams more efficiently – and effectively – engage with prospective leads at a dramatically lower overall long-term cost. With unlimited Canada or North American flat-rate calling, cold calls won’t clean out your coffers, and our 99.96 percent uptime – among the highest in the industry – affords superior call performance.

Financial Institutions

Looking for a streamlined communications solution that doesn’t skimp on security? Cloud-based VoIP, with the right provider, is optimized for secure end-to-end encryption, perfect for sensitive banking discussions between financial institution employees and the customers who trust them with personal details. With DirectNet, for instance, you’ll benefit from having a solution entirely managed in-house with no middleman, featuring state-of-the-art, multi-layered security and fraud detection by default.

Hospitality & Tourism

If you’re keen on taking back your margins from aggregators, cloud-based VoIP is the cure for what ails you. Go ahead and test your price elasticity and up your competitive game – it can keep pace – all while providing a smoother, streamlined booking and/or enquiry experience over the phone. This can be especially important if you manage a large, premium establishment with many customers to keep happy – don’t have them hanging on the phone longer than they need to be, so they can get back to enjoying the facilities and amenities offered!
These are just some of the industries that benefit significantly from cloud-based VoIP solutions, and DirectNet is excited to make the new standard readily available in the ideal balance of performance and value. To learn more, contact us today.