2020 was something else, wasn’t it? Well, let’s look ahead with optimism. A new year means new innovations are on their way, especially when it comes to communications. Cloud telecom in particular is shaping up for evolution, driven by companies like DirectNet that pave the way with new standards. With that in mind, what are some critical predictions in cloud telecom land for 2021 and beyond? Let’s highlight a few for you today.
Seamless Touch Point Integration

As methods of communication are a dime a dozen, who says they all have to be separated and unable to interface with one another? Powerful collaborative tools have already started to bridge the gap between voice, video, and text-based interactions between individuals, and we see this continuing throughout 2021 as most businesses operate on a remote deployment basis. Solutions like DirectNet’s cloud-based wholesale VoIP technology make it possible to maintain clear, consistent-quality calls with maximum uptime – as much as 99.96 percent – along with full redundancy and scalability. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote and hybrid solutions, of which internet-based communications is the most prominent, especially since it allows for easier pivoting while driving costs down. 

Increased Reliance on Low-Cost, High-Reward Features

Features such as long-distance calling over a secure internet connection, multi-user support via multiple DIDs and more are important to telephony service resellers and their customers. This trend is sure to be more widely adopted as an increasing number of businesses say goodbye to dedicated landlines. Reduced wiring hassle, no need for expensive proprietary onsite equipment, and the ability to free up internal IT resources are a tremendous collective cost and time saver. It’s no wonder that clients are happier than ever to make the switch and adopt this proven, scalable technology! 

Futureproofed is the Way of the Future

Speaking of scalable, that’s a key focus of many cloud communications resellers and their prospects: to find the most streamlined, hassle-free solution that can adapt to their businesses as they grow and flex. To truly future-proof your communications, you require a standard that comes complete with round-the-clock support to maintain peak uptime, not to mention carrier-grade technology that won’t let you down. This is why DirectNet has seen a large influx of customers lately – we offer all the above and more, entirely managed by our in-house team. That includes 24/7/365 NOC support whenever you need it.

Want to learn more about how DirectNet is the new standard for cloud-based communications in 2021 and beyond? We’d love to show you. Contact us today to get started.