Managing a company nowadays, even a small startup, comes with a number of cost-related complications. Employees, equipment, supply chain logistics – the list can go on and on – but communications are often where much of the cost sink lies. This can spiral out of hand without the right solution in place.

At DirectNet, we are the new standard of communications. Specializing in cloud-based wholesale VoIP packages, we’re proud to empower Canadian businesses while helping them shrink their communications and even IT costs. Let’s explore how in more detail.

No Need to Buy Specialized Equipment

Business VoIP solutions like ours don’t require fancy tech to operate; even smartphones and basic internet connections can handle it. While dedicated VoIP phones are available, we shouldn’t overlook what VoIP stands for in the first place: Voice over Internet Protocol. That means you can dial to anywhere, from anywhere through your established VoIP connection – even if operating remotely as many of us are doing in these trying times. Our business customers appreciate this technology for its suitability in remote deployments and hybrid environments, all without sacrificing uptime or performance efficiency.

Better Performance Means More Profit Potential

Speaking of performance, DirectNet is renowned for our 99.96 percent uptime. We achieve this by operating entirely in-house, cutting out the middleman and only letting our platform specialists handle everyday operations. This also means that you’ll benefit from faster and more effective troubleshooting with the help of our 24/7/365 NOC support services. Get issues ironed out quickly should they arise, trust that your telephony solution is operating smoothly, and watch your team become more efficient over time! What’s more, you can expect markedly improved reception clarity and quality with our premium calling feature, making interactions with clients that much more positive.

Cut Down on Extra Fees

Long-distance calling is a necessity for many businesses especially as they expand, so why should you pay an arm and a leg for it? DirectNet’s approach to cost-effective managed business VoIP drives down fees thanks to integrated global reach. Leave dedicated landlines and their high long-distance fees in the past, plus, take advantage of business-friendly features such as automated porting, DIDs in over 1,000 Canadian cities and towns from coast to coast, advanced security, and fully redundant platform architecture. 

Want to discover even more cost-saving benefits of cloud-based VoIP? The team at DirectNet can’t wait to show you. Contact us today to experience the new standard in business telephony solutions.