4 Ways DirectNet Enhances SIP Trunk Security

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At DirectNet, we believe in putting the safety and security of our clients first. Whether regarding their data, communications lines or otherwise, all elements of our wholesale VoIP and SIP trunk offerings utilize a carrier-grade platform architecture. Naturally, this means that you benefit from carrier-grade proactive measures and features to encrypt and secure your calls. Today, [...]

SIP Trunking and VoIP: What You Need to Know

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At DirectNet, we believe in empowering ISPs with compelling new telephony solutions – in our case, wholesale cloud-based VoIP. In addition, we offer SIP trunking at affordable rates, but just what are the key differences between the two? Today, let’s explore in more detail – consider it our way of helping you plan your communications for [...]

Your Guide to Wholesale SIP Trunks

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SIP trunks live up to their acronym in spades; they’ve sucked up more than half of the world’s businesses and taken them to the next level. This is more than a trend or phenomenon – it’s the new standard. DirectNet is proud to help implement it and deliver a range of performance and financial benefits to [...]

What are the Advantages of SIP for VoIP?

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Modern cloud-based VoIP telephony solutions offer incredible value, resilient performance, and a streamlined user experience, but what if you could do even more with yours? Enter the SIP for VoIP, otherwise known as session initiation protocol. It’s a formatting standard that has long been the standard in the VoIP industry, enabling business customers to enjoy all [...]

How to Find a Flexible SIP Trunk Provider

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Are you considering dedicated SIP trunking services? You’re not alone. More businesses than ever are seeking to modernize their telephony solutions and are weighing their options. However, this also means that there’s a whole lot of competition out there, and every company offering SIP trunking services has their own unique spin. With DirectNet, our focus is [...]

What’s SIP Service? How Does it Differ from VoIP?

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Modern business telephony solutions are shifting away from legacy alternatives in an effort to simplify operations and drive day-to-day costs down. There’s often no need for a dedicated team of technicians or expensive network upgrades thanks to the latest innovations. SIP trunking, in that respect, is one of the most cost-effective and results-focused solutions a business [...]

What Makes for a Reliable SIP Trunk Provider?

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Are you contemplating a switch from traditional PSTN to cloud-based VoIP? Or, are you simply curious about the benefits of SIP trunking services? Choosing an ideal provider is the first step in your telephony modernization journey. Today, we’ll go over the key behaviours of SIP trunk platform providers that you should gravitate towards, leaving outdated and [...]

SIP Trunking for Business

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A SIP trunk connects your business to a PSTN via IP/broadband. It’s often sold as an alternative to ISDN. It has also become the standard medium over which to deliver VoIP services. There are many benefits associated with SIP trunk connections for businesses, including great reliability, network resilience, long-term scalability, and flexibility when it comes to your business’ [...]