VoIP Montreal

If your Montreal ISP or VoIP Reseller operations could benefit from a cost-effective CloudVoIP Solution that you can trust, DirectNet is the ultimatechoice. In fact, we’re the standard when it comes to simplified Telephony Services, offering a reliable, low-cost, single-source platform built to last. We’re also ready for future innovations with hassle-free regular updates to the Cloud VoIP Platform. All in all, there’s never been a better time to outsource your business’ VoIP Montreal service. Discover what DirectNet can do for you today – and tomorrow.

Managed Residential VoIP in Montreal

If you’re an ISP, VoIP reseller or value-added reseller, we provide a fully managed residential VoIP offerings. Highly secure, managed 100-percent in-house and with 24x7x365 NOC support always available, there’s every reason to make the switch. Plus, our carrier-grade system architecture ensures you reach maximum possible uptime, a key benefit that DirectNet is renowned for.

Authorized Agent Residential VoIP

Want to become an authorized DirectNet agent? We offer the highest revenue share in the industry, competitive pricing, and long-term value that doesn’t diminish as new technologies are introduced – we can apply them easily with consistent update cycles that are hassle-free. This option is ideal for computer stores, IT consultancies, community groups, entrepreneurial ventures, and more.

Wholesale Carrier Solutions

SIP trunking, DIDs, and A-to-Z termination services are available at low cost. Our wholesale Cloud VoIP platform is built on carrier-grade architecture to ensure the best possible performance with maximum reliability. Whether you’re a carrier, ISP, VoIP reseller or value-added reseller, DirectNet is a great option at an even greater value.

The New Standard at the Best Price

Our purpose built Cloud Voice Platform provides a comprehensive voice solution which delivers all the functions and components required to monetize voice, in the form of a highly scalable, reliable, and cost-effective cloud-based service. By outsourcing next-generation voice, service providers can avoid capital expenditures, simplify operations, and enhance profitability.

Our telephony services for Montreal customers are readily available. Reach out to the team at DirectNet today and discover the new standard in simplified voice delivery for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

By taking care of everything from platform architecture and engineering to setup, servicing, and customer support ourselves, we leave the middleman strategy in the past where it belongs. The DirectNet way is the simplified way, ensuring you can focus on being productive and efficient without any needless barriers to performance. This also helps to drive the costs down for our clients as there are no expenses normally allocated towards outsourcing – a win-win scenario for us and for you.

The few extra fees we do have are typically tied to porting, initial setup and specific plans (such as if you want to add e911 or North American DIDs). Otherwise, there’s no need to worry about costs for physical wiring or otherwise, thanks largely to our cloud-based solutions requiring less to get going. Get in touch with us today to discuss specifics relevant to your plan’s pricing – we’re happy to help!

We know the VoIP landscape well in the great white north, and we’re able to pass along considerable savings as a result of our low-cost solutions and experience. This also means you don’t have to worry about price inflations, converting to a different currency or complicated billing issues. We make the process pain-free and simple, ensuring you enjoy faster and more fulfilling service, and special service options are available that cater to Canadian business operators.

Our cloud-based solutions are designed for maximum possible uptime, no setup headaches, simplified support, and pain-free updates. This way, your team benefits from the best call reception and service quality without having to slow down or babysit their network. Handling everything in-house ourselves also ensures you don’t need to clutter your operations with cumbersome wires, servers or otherwise, and plan costs are further reduced as a result, bringing the most competitive value around.

Absolutely – we’re here whenever you need us. When we say 24/7/365 NOC support, we mean it. Our team has remained focused on ensuring a streamlined, convenient experience for customers no matter what their needs are. If you’re having any sort of trouble, simply reach out to DirectNet and we’ll be happy to assist. We wouldn’t have it any other way!