At DirectNet, we believe in empowering ISPs with compelling new telephony solutions – in our case, wholesale cloud-based VoIP. In addition, we offer SIP trunking at affordable rates, but just what are the key differences between the two? Today, let’s explore in more detail – consider it our way of helping you plan your communications for tomorrow. 

The Basics

First off, SIP trunks are virtualized versions of dedicated analogue phone lines. They can be connected to a hosted PBX system of your choosing. This means you don’t have to free up or install dedicated landlines. This is exactly what VoIP stands for: voice over internet protocol. Therefore, SIP trunking plays a significant role in making this new standard of telephony work.

Types of SIP Trunk Accounts

Did you know that DirectNet offers two types of SIP trunk accounts for your convenience? The first, SIP DID trunks, are designed for use in onsite PBX systems. They can provide multiple dedicated channels, meaning you can get more users hooked up to a single connection, and we even provide dedicated termination, origination, and call handling. 

As for SIP IP trunks, the other type we offer, they’re useful for when terminating traffic from your own PBX or softswitch system. The key difference here is that you don’t have to worry about digest authorization; only an IP address is used. While these don’t handle origination or origination, they can still terminate and handle more than two channels. 

So, Why Does VoIP Matter?

ISPs benefit greatly from cloud-based VoIP (the process of actually using SIP trunks) as they don’t need to rack up high call charges; even international outgoing calls can be performed via a web-based client, securely and efficiently. You also won’t encounter performance or stability issues, largely thanks to the digital encoding that only requires a stable internet connection. Plus, with 24x7x365 NOC support services, providers such as DirectNet ensure you not only get up and running but stay that way. 

In closing, SIP trunks are part of the VoIP process, and we’re proud to offer competitive pricing that helps your business drive down costs – and headaches – that much further. Want to learn more about our SIP trunking and cloud-based VoIP solutions? We’d love to show you how DirectNet can be a cure-all for your B2B telephony woes. A new, streamlined and more effective standard is just a phone call or email away, so get in touch today!