Termination Outbound Voice

DirectNet offers a completely managed and customizable wholesale VoIP carrier solution. We provide a reliable and fully-redundant, carrier-grade termination service on one of the industry’s best networks. Our outbound service currently supports G.711U and G.729 codecs.

DirectNet’s Outbound Voice Service offers the industry’s highest quality local, long distance, and international voice service with over 75% of calls terminating on-net to our carrier peers. DirectNet’s network is directly inter-connected with carriers with network capacities in the millions of channels. Given these capabilities, our Outbound Voice service can support the most scalable and robust conversational or conferencing applications. We have built the network in such an efficient and flexible manner that we can transport your calls via a SIP or TDM interface, complete calls at the price point we publish on our rate decks, and maintain high network quality that is evident in our ASR and NER statistics.

We Offer

  • Tier 1/multi-carrier network
  • Flat rate and NPA-NXX pricing
  • No short duration penalties or surcharges for incomplete calls
  • No minimums or volume commitments
  • Routing plans with high ASRs
  • 6/6 second billing for Canada, 1/1 International (A-Z traffic)
  • Multiple codecs available
  • No capacity restrictions
  • 24/7 in-house NOC support
  • Quick turn up, portal access, and free testing credit

Our Advantage

Least Cost Routing (LCR)

Our custom-built least cost routing engine enables us to route our numbers strategically, giving you the best possible pricing.

CLI Service

100% CLI Guaranteed.


24/7 Call routing management and control

Codec Support

G.711 and G.729 Codecs

Strategic Relationships

We have created strategic relationships with top telecommunications carriers, leveraging our high-volume traffic to negotiate aggressive rates. What does that mean for you? Nothing less than the best possible wholesale pricing in the industry. If our prices are not competitive with your current provider, please contact us, and we will evaluate your unique situation.

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