At DirectNet, we take great pride in delivering a new standard of communications to the internet service provider and reseller market. Fast, resilient, and highly flexible, it’s the new standard in every way. Many individuals have experienced our state-of-the-art solutions and best-in-class support services, but perhaps you’re wondering why DirectNet is such a great choice for resellers in particular. Today, let’s explore in more detail and find out! 

24/7/365 NOC Support

DirectNet clients enjoy no-nonsense, no-holds-barred support that aims to rectify issues before they persist. We take great pride in delivering up to 99.96 uptime with our cloud-based wholesale VoIP solutions, built on a platform that’s built to last. Our technical support team consists of experts who know our systems best, meaning there’s no guesswork. It’s a hassle-free means of speaking to an expert, and we’re always here to help.

Fully Scalable

When you resell VoIP services, you need to know you can stand behind the solution. DirectNet does more than that; ours stands on its own two feet, built from the ground up to adapt and scale as needed. Businesses of all sizes can drive down communications costs and headaches, streamlining their operations while shrinking their telephony expenditures. What’s more, DirectNet’s technology is built on carrier-class architecture and fully redundant, so implementation is a breeze – clients won’t even need proprietary hardware! 

Locally Run, Locally Dedicated

Hate having to reach out for tech support or to arrange a setup, only to be transferred around the world? You’re not alone; many resellers come to us for something easier to manage. That’s why DirectNet cuts out the middleman, managing everything ourselves in-house here in the Great White North. Canadian clients benefit from access to locally administered services by those who know the needs of their businesses well. With features such as international calling and multiple DIDs, it’s straightforward and painless to not only implement our VoIP solutions, but to have them maintained so they remain effective. 

To resell VoIP services is to put your reputation on the line. We understand that. It’s why our team at DirectNet is here for you and your clients, wherever and whenever you need us. Paired with state-of-the-art technology managed by the folks who know it inside-out, our approach to modern telephony is a breakthrough unlike any other. Contact us today to become a DirectNet partner, and let’s get started!