Wholesale VoIP Services

VoIP Services Supported by an Always-On Network

Your customers expect voice with their service bundles. As a service provider, that’s what you need to deliver. With DirectNet’s wholesale VoIP services, it has never been easier to provide voice service to your customers that is high-quality, low-maintenance, and reliable. We are the standard for wholesale VoIP services.

Cloud-Based Voice Services: Cost-Effective and Highly Efficient

When service providers switch to DirectNet’s cloud-based voice services, they can launch new VoIP services or dramatically reduce existing voice service costs.

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Managed VoIP Services

With DirectNet, it’s never been easier to provide high quality, low maintenance, and reliable voice services to your customers.

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DID Origination Inbound Voice

DirectNet offers the industry’s largest local voice network, with phone numbers available in over 1,000 on-net rate centres.       

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Termination Outbound Voice

DirectNet offers the highest quality local, long distance, and international voice service with over 75% of calls terminating on-net to our peers.

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SIP Trunking Services

Connect with DirectNet – our SIP Trunking service provides global coverage for your inbound and outbound voice calls.

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Having a reliable and affordable service provider is more important and essential than ever in today’s tech-central world. And with the evolving telecommunications industry, it’s important to have the local and global reach that you need for your business to stay competitive and successful. That’s why at DirectNet, our level of standards for service is leading the way for the wholesale VoIP industry here in Canada.