Plenty of folks are interested in investing in cloud-based VoIP and DIDs for their telephony needs, whether as a provider of the service or an end-user. However, there’s one hurdle that many struggle with: is the solution you’re looking at scalable? While plenty of digital communications providers claim to offer this, carrier-grade solutions such as DirectNet are the true new standard, designed to flex and adapt to the needs of B2B operations. 

Today, why not explore some handy VoIP technology features we incorporate to help scale with your small business customers? With the right technology and talent driving your company forward, they can experience tremendous growth and a brighter future.

Cost-Effective Communications

Cloud-based VoIP technologies such as those provided by DirectNet afford dramatic cost reductions, especially if you’re dealing with international calls on a regular basis. Legacy solutions are not only more expensive and time-consuming to maintain, but they also come with higher bills depending on where you call. Small businesses can bypass the traditional upfront cost associated with upgrading telephony by using DIDs and number porting as they grow, connected to a VoIP solution that ensures much cheaper international calling. Best of all, there’s no phone line required, so there’s only one communications service to pay for each month.

More Users? No Problem

VoIP is capable, especially with the right platform in place, of accommodating growth within your company. With more users doesn’t come any performance issues – everything remains silky smooth, high-quality, and lag-free as long as your internet connection can handle the bandwidth. With our wholesale cloud-based VoIP, for instance, B2B providers and their small business customers can count on fast, resilient and fully redundant architecture that not only keeps pace, but keeps you going. From five team members to 500 and beyond, this telephony standard takes no extra work to maintain or optimize – it automatically adjusts to your scaling needs!

Secured and Supported

Compared to traditional landlines, VoIP is infinitely more secure, encrypted from end to end to ensure callers and recipients are the only ones on a voice or video chat. Protocols and cloud-based solutions are regularly updated in a non-intrusive manner to ensure sufficient protection against the latest cyber threats. What’s more, providers such as DirectNet offer round-the-clock support – even on weekends – meaning you won’t have to worry about downtime. In fact, with ours, you can experience up to 99.96 percent uptime, which can be a total game changer for small businesses that need to maximize the potential of every interaction.

To learn more about cloud-based VoIP and how it can aid B2B resellers in aiding their small business customers, contact us at DirectNet today. We’re excited to show you how the new standard can adapt and scale as needed – and helps you save!