Here at DirectNet, our goal is to ensure that you receive a service perfectly suited to your needs. We provide multiple wholesale VoIP services to meet your business’ and clients’ unique requirements.

Our starter Whitelabeled Residential Voice package starts at $4.56/m, and our established Whitelabeled Residential Voice packages are as low as $1.56/m depending on volume. Free trials for both services are available, so you do not have to commit until you are positive our service suits your situation ideally. We also offer a Residential Voice Agent program providing an attractive revenue share.

Have questions about pricing, services offered, or anything else? Contact us today. We’re here to help.

Fully Managed Residential VoIP – Starter Plan

DID + Canada DID + NorthAmerican *e911 **Provisioning Charge
Subscriptions /month /month /account/month /account/month
0-500 $4.56 $6.56 $0.75 $0.00


Fully Managed Residential VoIP – Established Plan

DID + Canada DID + NorthAmerican *e911 **Provisioning Charge
Subscriptions /month /month /account/month /account/month
501-1,000 $3.56 $5.56 $0.75 $0.00
1001-2,000 $2.56 $4.56 $0.75 $0.00
2001-3,000 $2.06 $4.06 $0.75 $0.00
3001-4,000 $1.89 $3.89 $0.75 $0.00
4,001+ $1.56 $3.56 $0.75 $0.00


  • Starter plan: $15/port
  • Established plan: $10/port
  • Bulk port min 500 accounts: $0

*$200 one-time setup fee
**$200 per profile setup fee (annual). Monthly fee of $0.75/m/acct waived.

SIP Trunking

SIP DID Canada Termination USA Termination e911
/month with unlimited inbound /min /min /account/month
$9.95  $0.0019 $0.009 $0.75