SIP Trunking

Connect with DirectNet – our SIP Trunking service provides global coverage for your inbound and outbound voice calls. More than just a regular SIP Trunk, DirectNet works with your current cloud or on-premise communications infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to add a high-capacity carrier that can support your growth, or increase coverage and phone number inventory, DirectNet can get you started instantly. No minimum spends, carrier negotiations, or long-term contracts to maintain, DirectNet lets you provision SIP Trunks instantly through our user interface or via our API.

With DirectNet there are no limitations or restrictions on channels or ports. Get all the standard features of a Telco such as dynamic CLI, DTMF support, per second billing, secure trunking, fraud detection, and instant provisioning.

Types of SIP Accounts Available


  • Essentially has the features of regular DID, accept used for on-premises PBXs.
  • Can provide more than 2 channels
  • Can provide termination and origination
  • Provides call handling

SIP IP Trunk

  • Used when customer wants to terminate traffic from their own PBX or Softswitch
  • Only IPs, you enter IP instead of DID (no digest authorization)
  • Can provide more than 2 channels v
  • Can do only termination, no origination
  • No call handling


  • SIP DID = $9.95/m with unlimited inbound
  • Canada Termination = $0.0019/min
  • USA Termination = $0.009/min
  • e911 = $0.75/m/acct

Prohibited Use

The SIP channels are intended for use by the end user business. They are not to be aggregated in a switch to be resold. We do not provide aggregation of all minutes into a pool.

Prohibited Uses

  • Unlawful
  • Call Centres
  • Auto-dialing
  • Continuous or extensive call forwarding
  • Fax or voicemail broadcasting
  • Telemarketing or mass solicitations
  • Fax or voicemail blasting
  • Continuous call conferencing
  • Spamming

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