Cloud Voice Services Supported by an Always-On Network

If it’s a service bundle, it includes voice – at least that’s what your customers expect. As a service provider, that’s what you want to deliver. But the old ways of deploying voice – building a network or reselling white label services – is complex, expensive, and inflexible. Now there is a better way forward.

Voice Services from the Cloud — A Cost-Effective Next-Gen VoIP Solution.

DirectNet, a leader in cloud-based voice platforms, provides a complete cloud-based voice solution that enables service providers to launch new VoIP services or dramatically reduce costs for existing voice services.

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Your all-in-one wholesale VoIP platform

Suited for Internet Service Providers, VoIP Resellers, and Value-Added Resellers.

As low as $1.56/m/acct

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Authorized Agent Residential VoIP

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Suited for Computer Stores, IT Consultants, Community Groups, and Entrepreneurial Ventures.

Highest Revenue Share in the Industry

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SIP Providers Canada/DID/A-Z Termination

Suited for Carriers, Internet Service Providers, VoIP Resellers, and Value-Added Resellers

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10 Real Benefits of Choosing DirectNet

  • Carrier-Grade Architecture

    Built from the ground up for excellent quality, reliability, redundancy, and scalability.

  • Best-in-Class Service Support

    Our experts are always only a call or email away to help.

  • We Guarantee to LOWER YOUR COST to Deliver Voice

    Significantly reduce time, capital and human resources to deliver voice.

  • Easy Go to Market

    Quick and easy to set-up, manage, and integrate with back-office systems.

  • Advanced Security

    We employ the “defense in layers” approach, so our voice and web services platform is fully secure and protected by multiple security measures.

  • 24x7x365 NOC Supported Services

    Trained in-house support experts available to help 24x7x365 for rapid problem resolution.

  • Preserve Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

    Cloud services are inherently secure, scalable, and reliable, therefore providing the best subscriber experience.

  • 100% Canadian

    Canadian-owned and operated, ensuring regulatory compliance and good corporate governance.

  • Increase Service Agility

    Have access to scale from day one and benefit from continuous innovation and feature development.

  • Complete Solution: One-Stop-Shop

    One vendor. One bill. No hassle.

Moving to the Cloud is EASY.

Simple, Agile, and Ready Today

Our cloud-based voice platform delivers significant savings, easier operations, rapid innovation, and frees up resources which allow you to invest in strategic growth opportunities. Don’t wait years to virtualize your voice – we are ready for you today.

Happy Network, Happy Customers

Success Stories From Some of Our Fastest Growing Customers


AEI Internet

AEI has worked with Directnet for over almost 5 years. Directnet provides AEI with a reliable VoIP solution that is bundled with existing Internet services. The Directnet web portal is user friendly for both our staff and the end users.”

Joel Verreault, President AEI


Eyesurf Corp.

DirectNet has consistently delivered high-quality, reliable, and affordable services to us for over 7 years and counting. Their infrastructure has proven to be very solid, with multiple levels of redundancy, allowing us to focus our efforts on our core business growth. There is no question that DirectNet’s value proposition remains unmatched by competitors in the wholesale voice space.”

Randy Jeehta, Principal and managing director Eyesurf Corp.


Cando Information Technology

“A note of thanks to Directnet for the great service you have given us over the past 3 years. We receive very few complaints about the VOIP system from our clients. The system is very stable and we have not had any downtime. The platform upgrade & maintenance services have always gone seamlessly and without client issues.”

Ken Shurtliffe, President Cando Information Technology


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