The term VoIP continues to be passed around in the B2B sphere. It’s a revolutionary communications technology that paves the way for hassle-free, cost-effective use. At DirectNet, we’re pioneers of the VoIP movement with our cloud-based wholesale options, working with ISPs and resellers to empower businesses with more flexibility, a fully redundant and carrier-based communications platform, as well as the performance and support they deserve. 

So, just how does VoIP work, anyway? Let’s dig deeper and show you.

The Basics

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol – in other words, it means that you make phone calls over an established internet connection. That means your landlines are freed up, there’s no need for a dedicated mobile or proprietary onsite network, and you can deploy the technology with ease for multiple users sharing the same connection. Calling over the internet means you won’t have to worry about long-distance fees depending on which country you’re calling to and from, and solutions such as DirectNet make it easier to focus on the calls themselves through improved cost savings, helping you do more and build your business, not your debt.

How to Connect

VoIP solutions like DirectNet don’t require a specialized VoIP phone in order to use them, although they are readily available in all sorts of price ranges. If you’d like to forgo this route, your mobile devices and desktop computer systems are more than sufficient. Cloud-based VoIP makes it possible to call landlines in addition to mobile numbers and web-based clients.

Should You Get a Headset and Mic?

Today’s VoIP solutions are designed to be highly flexible, dependable alternatives to traditional landlines. DirectNet, for instance, is built on carrier-class architecture to ensure optimal call quality and up to 99.96 percent uptime, even with a company full of users of the service. That said, we recommend a headset with a built-in mic from a reputable brand. If your employees have devices such as Apple AirPods (known for their mic quality) or something similar, they can help you drive down costs further if they bring them in for use on calls. 

Switching over to VoIP is a great way to future-proof operations by doing away with many conventional drivers of communications costs. Plus, by dealing with an all-in-house operation like DirectNet, you can take advantage of competitive pricing and our 24/7/365 NOC support services – all with no middleman! Contact us today to experience the new standard for yourself.