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VoIP Toronto

Could your Toronto-based Service Provider business benefit from a low cost, supported, and reliable Telephony Solution? Choose DirectNet. Our cloud-based wholesale VoIP Toronto platform is renowned for its flexibility, carrier-grade performance, and future-friendly platform architecture. You’ll also benefit from round-the-clock NOC support services from our own in-house dedicated experts. Whether you’re just starting out, or have an established voice subscriber base, DirectNet has you covered. Join a lengthy, ever-growing list of satisfied customers from across Canada today, and see how DirectNet can pave the way for simplified, cost-effective communications today.

Fully Managed VoIP Solutions Toronto

Whether you are an ISP, VoIP reseller or value-added reseller, our fully Managed Residential VoIP service in Toronto which provides unequalled performance at an incredibly low rate is the internet phone solution for your business. With 24/7 in house NOC support, you can focus on scaling your company rather than building a voice network.

Authorized Agent Residential VoIP

We’ve introduced the new standard in voice services thanks to our incredible partners across Canada. If you’d like to become one of them, reach out today! It’s easy to scale our cloud-based voice packages with your operations as needed, making it one of the most adaptable and flexible solutions around. Along with dedicated 24x7x365 NOC support, the highest revenue share in the industry, and more, there’s never been a better time to become an authorized DirectNet agent, whether you’re a computer store owner or IT consultancy operator.

Wholesale Carrier Solutions

DirectNet offers not only the most capable Carrier-grade Wholesale VoIP platform but a suite of reliable companion services geared towards maximizing cost and performance efficiency. These include SIP trunking, DIDs, A-to-Z termination, and more. DirectNet customers have consistently benefitted from 99.96 percent uptime thanks to our purpose-built network, and DIDs are available to Toronto operators in addition to over 1,000 cities and towns from coast to coast. ISPs, Carriers, VoIP resellers, and many others enjoy incredible cost savings and peak efficiency as a result of this custom platform.

The New Standard at the Best Price

Our goal at DirectNet is to provide you with a user-friendly Cloud Voice Platform that just works – no-nonsense. That means having expert support whenever you need it, a carrier-grade voice solution designed to be resilient and scalable, and long-term cost savings that benefit your operations in the long run. We’re 100-percent Canadian-owned and operated, and there’s no middleman to deal with when you choose us. Nobody knows our platform better than our own experienced technicians, and they’ll always be available to help you as a result of this simplified approach.

Whether you want to cut down on IT costs, improve service quality or otherwise, DirectNet is here for your Toronto-based operations. Contact us today to experience the new standard in wholesale communications!


Can DirectNet handle taking on more customers?2020-05-19T09:34:24-04:00

It’s understandable to have reservations about a 100-percent Canadian owned and operated provider maintaining peak network uptime as it takes on more customers. However, fear not, as our network has been specially designed from the ground up to be fully redundant, flexible, and ready to handle plenty of traffic. That means no stressing over sharing bandwidth or clogging due to peak call periods – our system is constantly updated and maintained by the very experts who built the carrier-grade platform itself, meaning you’re in the best of care at all times!

How does DirectNet help me save money on telephony?2020-05-19T09:34:08-04:00

Business operators and residential users of legacy systems overlook the number-one cause of high bills other than poor pricing: Technical hiccups. Expenses tied to managing in-house IT services, network rewiring or otherwise can cost a tremendous amount over time, and that’s before taking into account expenses tied to maintaining older systems when more affordable alternatives already exist. Then, there’s the performance factor; B2B environments with spotty call quality and higher-than-ever downtime encounter impatient workers and customers, reduced profits, and possibly increased turnover. By choosing DirectNet, all of these issues are eliminated with a stable, flexible and cost-effective network entirely managed by our own experts remotely.

What pricing options for cloud-based VoIP are available?2020-05-19T09:33:50-04:00

We believe in offering fair pricing with only features that are useful to modern businesses and residential customers, so there’s no fluff. Fully managed residential VoIP is offered by us for as low as under 5 dollars a month – and that includes DIDs even though it’s our lowest-priced option. As you go further up the pricing tier ladder, you’ll see extras such as North American calling and e911 added. SIP trunking is available on a monthly basis for Canada and US-based terminations. As for DID origination inbound and outbound options, contact our team today and we’ll be happy to work out a price that works with your budget upon establishing your operational needs.

Why is it better to choose an all-in-house VoIP provider?2020-05-19T09:33:02-04:00

The more hands that are at the wheel, the more your communications solution is going to veer off course. At DirectNet, we take charge and handle everything ourselves to keep your telephony solution performing at its peak, cutting out the middleman and the hassle. You’ll experience the finest, most attentive support available, faster maintenance and upgrades handled remotely on our secure network, and peak optimization because your system is handled by those who engineered it.