VoIP Calgary

Operate in Calgary and need a low-cost, dependable Cloud VoIP Solution? DirectNet is an ideal choice. When it comes to Telephony Services, we offer competitive pricing and feature-rich plans that are sure to not only complement your everyday operations but also improve communications efficiency. Using state-of-the-art technology, our 100-percent Canadian-owned and operated company is proud to deliver carrier-grade solutions. Along with round-the-clock NOC support services from our own dedicated systems experts, we’re your best bet in navigating the future of delivered voice.

Fully Managed Residential VoIP

DirectNet’s fully managed residential VoIP offerings in Calgary are a great fit for ISPs, value-added VoIP Resellers and many others. Experience incredible cost savings without sacrificing a shred of performance – if anything, you’ll gain it. Sustained uptime and constant support from our team come as standard – the new standard – with this cost-effective and results-driven service. It’s time to get more out of your business through a highly optimized voice network.

Authorized Agent Residential VoIP

Alternatively, perhaps you’re keen on becoming a DirectNet agent. If so, then it’s time to discover a world of opportunities! Take advantage of the highest revenue share in the industry, constant 24-7 NOC support to back you up, and a highly adaptive setup that can scale with your operations easily. It’s by simplifying the experience that we can help clients get the most out of their investment, making DirectNet a great choice for Calgary-based IT consultancies, entrepreneurs, and many others.

Wholesale Carrier Solutions

We go beyond offering the bare minimum standard when it comes to wholesale carrier solutions; DirectNet prides itself on delivering reliable companion services that can help you maximize your business potential. Harnessing the power and performance of our highly dependable, carrier-grade platform, they create the new standard in cloud-based VoIP. Whether you need SIP trunking, DIDs, A-to-Z termination or otherwise, we’ll be glad to make it happen.

The Best Price for the Best Performance

Simple means sensible in the DirectNet family. That’s why our goal from the outset has been to implement vastly more effective cloud-based Telephony at prices that won’t drain your coffers. With no middleman thanks to our entirely-in-house operations, we can keep prices down and uptime at an all-time high – 99.96 percent! Nobody knows the platform better than those who helped engineer it, so we’re glad for the chance to work with you, one-on-one, to handle updates and address any concerns.

Are your Calgary-based operations ready to discover the new standard? We’re ready to help here at DirectNet. Contact us today to get in touch, and let’s work together to implement an ideal, practical, and cost-effective solution.