VoIP Ottawa

If your ISP or VoIP Reseller operations are based in Canada’s Capital, it likely means that you have a lot of high-level clients to keep satisfied with the best VoIP Ottawa can offer. There are expectations to manage, both in terms of performance efficiency and product quality. At DirectNet, our sophisticated yet streamlined wholesale Cloud Ottawa VoIP solutions deliver the lasting performance, resilience, and uptime you need to get the most out of your day-to-day, every day. Plus, with an expert team at your side who can provide everything from 24x7x365 NOC support to non-intrusive updates, the services you rely on us for are sure to keep up with you for years to come. Whether looking to optimize your existing voice subscriber base or starting from the ground up, DirectNet is here for you.

Managed Ottawa VoIP Provider

Are you an ISP, VoIP reseller or value-added reseller? Consider our fully Managed Residential VoIP services in Ottawa, which pack in high-efficiency platform architecture and dependable service at an exceptional value. With an expert team at your side who will provide 24×7 in house NOC support and enhanced uptime all at a low cost, you can focus on scaling your business rather than worrying about building and supporting a voice network.

Authorized Agent Residential VoIP

If you’re looking to become an authorized DirectNet wholesale VoIP agent, we’d love to hear from you! The strength and success of our company is built on forming great partnerships. DirectNet is proud to offer the highest revenue share percentage in the industry. Along with a wide range of competitive pricing options and constant access to our dedicated support team, you can enjoy excellent service at an incredible value.

Wholesale Carrier Solutions

Are you in need of top-quality global coverage for inbound and outbound voice calls, compatibility with both cloud-based and on-premise communications structure or otherwise? We can help. Our Wholesale Carrier solutions are a great fit for ISPs, VoIP resellers and many others in the field of B2B telephony.
Thanks to our purpose-built network, DirectNet customers have consistently benefitted from 99.96 percent uptime. With SIP trunking, DIDs and A-to-Z termination rounding out just a few of our many popular features, you can maintain a network that is scalable, dependable, and extremely user-friendly.

The New Standard at the Best Price

DirectNet is firmly committed to delivering the next leap forward in wholesale communications, made possible by our 100-percent in-house operations based in Canada. We handle everything internally and cut out the middleman, meaning you benefit from lower operating costs and impeccable service including via our support portal. Plus, with our platform’s cloud integration, there are no worries overstretching your IT budget or capacity to make room for new physical equipment.

DirectNet is proud to offer a cloud-based wholesale VoIP platform to Ottawa business owners that set the bar higher for quality and performance, unlike any other provider. Reach out to the team and experience the new standard in wholesale communications for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

We constantly maintain and remotely update our carrier-grade system architecture to ensure you benefit from the smoothest, best possible experience every day, whether when on an internal call or making a critical sales pitch. Our platform is designed for high traffic and B2B use cases, which means it’s one of the most resilient and dependable solutions around. You won’t need to worry about call quality degrading during that next critical sales pitch.

Since we design, implement, maintain and support the DirectNet platform ourselves with no middleman required, you’ll benefit from a no-nonsense experience that is more seamless and reliable. In fact, we’re renowned for our 99.96 percent uptime, which is paired with optimal call quality assurance and 24x7x365 NOC support. In addition, with our comprehensive knowledge of the telephony landscape in Canada, we can ensure that you’ll benefit from the best possible value for everything from North American calling to SIP trunks, porting, and more.

Not at all. We’re happy to accommodate for larger integration projects and will work with you on a billing plan that’s suitable. We can arrange for a significant volume discount as well as other benefits to ensure you can get set up, in operational order and enjoying the new standard at a competitive value. Contact us today to request this option.

Our team is adamant about ensuring optimal network resilience, hardware protection, privacy, and security for every DirectNet customer. Therefore, the number of useful and proactive features we include number in the dozens. From load-balanced voice gateway array integration to custom firewall protection, anti-fraud and anti-hacking suites, dedicated call encryption and much more, you’ll benefit from a safer and more stable solution than any of the legacy alternatives.

We believe in driving costs down for users as much as possible, helping them get things done without putting their financial stability at risk. This is especially important to our small business customers. Our pricing plans vary according to the service you request from us; fully managed residential VoIP starts at $4.56 a month for DIDs and Canada-wide calling, for instance. There are add-ons available for SIP trunks, porting and otherwise, so feel free to reach out to us today to receive a pricing breakdown relevant to your selections.