At DirectNet, we believe in putting the safety and security of our clients first. Whether regarding their data, communications lines or otherwise, all elements of our wholesale VoIP and SIP trunk offerings utilize a carrier-grade platform architecture. Naturally, this means that you benefit from carrier-grade proactive measures and features to encrypt and secure your calls. Today, let’s look into some ways we help enhance SIP trunk security for businesses we proudly serve.

Consistent, Hassle-Free Software Updates

Whether patching to optimize platform performance, adding new features or for security purposes, your SIP trunk provider should be able to provide consistent and regular updates. At the same time, they ought to be handled in a manner that is non-intrusive to ensure maximum uptime and minimal intrusion. Our approach as an all-in-house platform provider is to cut out the middleman – and block out cyber threats – while maintaining up to 99.96 percent uptime. 

Firewall and Permissions Management

Without a resilient, future-facing firewall updated to protect against the latest digital threats, hackers have the potential to breach your IP network and compromise communications security. Managing permissions with precision, in conjunction with a strong and flexible firewall solution, mitigates much of this risk while ensuring streamlined, convenient network accessibility for those who need to – and should be – using it.

Fortified Transmissions

With SIP-based systems, Transport Layer Security (TLS) is utilized. Therefore, when a connection request is sent, it is safeguarded against cyber threats along the way by a Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP) code, which encrypts the message data. That way, when you accept the request and hop on a VoIP call, only permitted parties are able to obtain access. 

Authenticated, Secured and Validated Accounts

Creating validated number lists, IP blacklists and password-protected failsafe protocols means having a more secured SIP trunk network. Combined with our dedicated fraud detection and secure trunking capabilities, inbound and outbound calls are even more effectively encrypted and safeguarded against unwanted snooping. The end result is SIP trunking that puts data and user security first. Depending on whether you need our SIP DID or IP trunks, different options may be available to you. 

For more information about our SIP trunking services, the team at DirectNet is here to help. With many years of experience in the industry and as a respected all-in-house service provider, we’re an ideal choice. Reach out to us today to discover just how secure we make the new, resilient standard of digital communications.