How DirectNet Can Maximize Your Business Potential in 2021

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At DirectNet, we believe in driving innovation through sheer simplicity for the end-user. For businesses, simplicity is scarcely available, especially when it comes to communications solutions. Our approach to telephony is different with our wholesale VoIP solutions; never before has it been possible to save so much and worry so little! Let’s explore how DirectNet can [...]

How Cloud Computing Has Transformed in the Last Decade

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Transformation Of Telephony Services “Cloud computing has transformed tremendously over the past decade, particularly impacting telephony. Due to cloud computing, telecommunication services have grown in efficiency, mobility, and service — all reasons why VoIP services have become better than traditional phones. For starters, in this day and age, businesses need to take advantage of every opportunity [...]

Hey, What’s a Conference Bridge Call?

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Don’t feel bad if you’re not fully educated in the massive list of features of modern communications solutions – the landscape is always changing, and new innovations are constantly coming to market. That said, conference bridge calls are ultra-useful tools that you should familiarize yourself with. Whether you manage multiple satellite locations or a small team [...]

How DirectNet Boosts B2B Telephony Sales and Customer Satisfaction

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When attempting to market telephony services in the B2B sphere, you need to be able to stand behind the products you’re pitching. That’s why DirectNet is a proud, 100-percent Canadian-owned and operated provider of wholesale cloud-based VoIP. That said, what are some ways your company can utilize such technology to boost sales while retaining and satisfy [...]

Optimizing B2B Services for Improved CX

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B2B companies strive to keep their customers happy – really, any business wants to achieve this. However, optimizing for the highest possible ROI is no cakewalk! That return on customer experience is essential to growth, so let’s look at some important KPIs that you ought to consider in order to get the most out of your [...]

Get to Know These Happy DirectNet Customers!

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We at DirectNet are passionate about serving our wholesale B2B VoIP customers in the best ways possible. Over the years, we’ve amassed a collection of honest, authentic feedback from various clients, and every message we receive helps us continue to evolve and grow our service efficiency! With such inspiration and motivation to stay the course, it’s [...]

Discover DirectNet DID Origination Inbound Voice

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At DirectNet, we’re all about ensuring you have the fastest, most resilient networking solutions possible for your B2B communications. That’s why we’re excited to offer DID Origination Inbound Voice as part of our services, giving you greater flexibility and efficiency at a competitive cost. Let’s dive into what this option offers in more detail. Per- Channel [...]

Network Optimization Tips to Streamline Efficiency

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Are you struggling to get your communications network up to snuff in an age of ever-changing technology – and ever-increasing demand? It can feel overwhelming to come up with a game plan to optimize in hopes of boosted efficiency, but there are ways to go about doing that. Today, let’s explore the main pillars of modern [...]

How DirectNet can Help Cut Costs and Encourage Growth

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At DirectNet, we’re passionate about delivering high-performing cloud-based voice solutions at a competitive cost. With us, your experience is customized to compliment precise communications needs, built off a resilient network designed to last. Today, let’s explore in-depth how DirectNet can help your company cut costs and maximize growth potential. Networking that Works Faster speeds, improved bandwidth [...]

A Look at the Overall VoIP Market in Canada

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Canada is a country rich in cost-effective, results-driven services that are built to maximize user convenience and minimize hassle. The VoIP market here is no different, with many different companies competing to go the furthest with your hard-earned dollars. Let’s take a look at the overall VoIP market in Canada in 2018 and see what it [...]