Are you struggling to get your communications network up to snuff in an age of ever-changing technology – and ever-increasing demand? It can feel overwhelming to come up with a game plan to optimize in hopes of boosted efficiency, but there are ways to go about doing that. Today, let’s explore the main pillars of modern B2B network optimization and find the ideal solution.


Any successful communications network is one designed to last and serve as a practical solution, which is why we recommend multiple redundant interconnects for improved stability. In addition, setting up private gateways and outsourcing for a superior firewall protection service can go a long way in future-proofing your system. You should also consider upgrading to incorporate failover and diverse transit routing to ensure improved performance in the long term.

Hardware Protection

N+1 redundant power and core systems are the way forward, and it’s a good idea to implement them in your network to enable greater long-term efficiency. Also, don’t forget to set up a cooling and temperature management system that can handle your load capacity and output, ensuring smooth and consistent performance with no dips. Above all else, make it a point to invest in proactive components such as a load-balanced gateway array to ensure your hardware is protected for much longer. Minimizing the risk of short-outs, fires or otherwise is often overlooked when setting up communications networks, especially when budgets come into play, but it remains a critical area that should be kept in the spotlight.

Privacy and Security

The term “for your eyes only” isn’t just a catchy Bond film title, but also something you should take seriously when optimizing your network. Why? Not having the right security and data protection measures will slow your company’s efficiency down like no other – besides, who wants to take a network offline to troubleshoot and patch? To avoid unwanted downtime, try setting up call encryption for complete privacy for all on-net endpoints. In addition, be sure to enable custom privileges for each user on your network. Having ultra-strong anti-fraud and anti-hacking protections is also essential.

In conclusion, these are the critical areas in which you need to focus to get the most out of your network. If some of these features or services sound familiar, it’s because we offer them at DirectNet ourselves. We handle everything, including our 24x7x365 NOC support, in-house to deliver the most efficient, resilient and dependable solution possible. With no middle-man and 99.96 percent uptime, we are the new standard, covering all the angles so you don’t have to. Learn more about our wholesale VoIP services and B2B network solutions by reaching out to us today – we’re happy to help.