When attempting to market telephony services in the B2B sphere, you need to be able to stand behind the products you’re pitching. That’s why DirectNet is a proud, 100-percent Canadian-owned and operated provider of wholesale cloud-based VoIP. That said, what are some ways your company can utilize such technology to boost sales while retaining and satisfy customers. Let’s take a closer look. 

Scalability and Flexibility

Let’s say that you operate a cloud contact centre and scale your services as needed to keep up with customer demands. DirectNet can help with that, as our network remains stable, fully redundant, scalable, and hyper-flexible. Nothing gets in the way and nor should it. Therefore, whether you need to allocate more or fewer resources, agents or otherwise, our platform can adjust accordingly to ensure you always have the most stable and effective B2B telephony solution at your disposal.

We Put the “Speed” in Speed to Market

Without cumbersome hardware installs or endless troubleshooting over physical hardware incompatibilities, cloud-based VoIP gets you up and running in a jiffy. Leave the hassle to those competitors with antiquated communications alternatives. Speed to market is imperative in meeting the needs of customers, generating revenue and getting more than your foot in the door before it slams shut. 

Cost Control

We’re upfront and honest about our pricing, which means you benefit from accurate budgetary forecasting and full transparency. Along with a wide range of packages at different pricing tiers to suit the needs of every B2B application imaginable, DirectNet has something for everyone. Plus, hosted cloud solutions handled by us benefit from reduced costs pertaining to maintenance, upgrades and otherwise.


You deserve a resilient, fortified network that isn’t a chore to use, and that’s what we’re pleased to offer. From disaster recovery to mitigating hacks and other potential risks, we’re ahead of the game security-flaw-seekers often play in the B2B sphere. You’re in safe hands. In fact, many DirectNet customers choose us for our advanced, secure cloud-based platform alone.

The Customer Experience, Optimized on Both Ends

If your network is fast, stable, lag-free and clear, your customer is going to have an equally pleasant experience. This leads to less frustration, even when pressing issues are being discussed. By having a means of communicating clearly and efficiently, DirectNet enables your business to optimize performance and customer satisfaction, agent by agent. 

We’re helping more businesses than ever up their communications game, leading to improved customer and employee satisfaction. To learn more, reach out to us at DirectNet today!