Canada is a country rich in cost-effective, results-driven services that are built to maximize user convenience and minimize hassle. The VoIP market here is no different, with many different companies competing to go the furthest with your hard-earned dollars. Let’s take a look at the overall VoIP market in Canada in 2018 and see what it means for business owners curious about this service.

Canada’s Tech / VoIP adoption rate isn’t so far behind the U.S.

Canada is not far behind the U.S. when it comes to receiving the latest technical innovations. New tech is a driver of continued growth, helping businesses communicate more efficiently and cost-effectively. From a tech-based perspective, Canada is never far behind the U.S when it comes to implementing intuitive new processes and technical innovations for cloud services such as VoIP. There’s a common misconception that Canadian businesses are one or more years behind the U.S when it comes to adopting hosted voice services. While incumbent LEC and cable providers who have the largest market shares are late in implementing their own services and Canadian businesses are often slower to adapt to change unless if forced, we aren’t anywhere near as far behind as some think.

Greater potential for user reach

Upper small-to-medium sized businesses expect a very high level of customer service and depend on it for continued, uninterrupted growth. They need the best quality voice service possible for less. This allows for plenty of opportunity for smaller or lesser-known providers to move in and take a larger chunk of market share away from the major providers. Companies like DirectNet, known for our meticulous quality control and high reliability, are a great fit for this sector.

The onset of fixed mobile convergence

Fixed mobile convergence (FMC) allows telecommunications operators to provide subscribers with services that interact with and use both the fixed networks’ incumbent wire line and/or cable operators and the mobile/cellular networks of mobile operators. The goal is to optimize the transmission of all data, voice and video communications no matter what the location or device is. For now, FMC represents a single device capable of connecting through and being switched between wired and wireless networks. As most major incumbents are planning launches using IMS infrastructure for greater integration and other benefits, we see FMC as a new popular trend.

Directnet’s cloud-based VoIP services are dependable, highly resilient, and always improved upon to deliver the best quality and experience possible. Contact us today for more information.