B2B companies strive to keep their customers happy – really, any business wants to achieve this. However, optimizing for the highest possible ROI is no cakewalk! That return on customer experience is essential to growth, so let’s look at some important KPIs that you ought to consider in order to get the most out of your business and product offerings. Always remember, it’s all about the customer experience!

Avoid Expensive Bad Experiences

If your customers are suffering from poor-quality telephony services that haven’t been modernized to something more efficient and cloud-based, it’s going to put a dampener on your goals for future development. Bad experiences – including those of your employees trying to focus on doing their very best – are incredibly expensive in the grand scheme of things. Remember that the power of word-of-mouth is stronger than ever, meaning one unhappy customer could easily turn into ten potential leads choosing another provider.
Cross-Sell and Upsell in Moderation

Folks who are happy with your services may be open to the higher-tier alternatives that you offer. The ultimate goal of any B2B operation is to hook a customer onto a highly compelling plan that they’re willing to pay a little more for, so long as it means service quality and performance they can trust. That trust is a critical factor when it comes to optimizing for CX; before cross-selling or upselling in any way, you need to be sure that they actually enjoy the service being provided.

Gauging Satisfaction

Have you considered mapping out customer journeys – their experiences from the first call to years later – in order to understand what engages them? Take a look at your current process and consult real feedback to determine where improvements can be made to CX. This way, you can more easily ensure interactions align with business goals such as growth, continued investment and continued success. Having a platform that is fully redundant, reliable, and flexible to suit specific communications needs such as SIP Trunking can go a long way in this regard, especially if it’s paired with 24x7x365 NOC support. 

In the end, being attentive and caring when it comes to CX goes a long way in terms of company performance, client retention, and growth potential. Don’t overlook these KPIs – work with a trusted wholesale cloud-based VoIP provider like DirectNet to help get the most out of your business! To learn more about our carrier-grade telephony packages, reach out to us today. With our help and your commitment to CX optimization, anything is possible.