Don’t feel bad if you’re not fully educated in the massive list of features of modern communications solutions – the landscape is always changing, and new innovations are constantly coming to market. That said, conference bridge calls are ultra-useful tools that you should familiarize yourself with. Whether you manage multiple satellite locations or a small team of remote commuters, it’s a great way to stay in touch and ensure operations continue to run smoothly. 

Today, let’s look more into the why and how. 

The Basics

First off, what is a conference bridge call? Basically, it’s a simplified way to connect multiple individuals in one instance. Team members from around the world can discuss and update one another in real-time as long as they have an active connection. Microsoft Teams and Group Facetime are more simplified examples of this in action.

On Bridging

So, what is the “bridging” aspect of the call? Well, it involves participants joining a virtual meeting room. Here, securely and on a stable network, they can communicate clearly and effectively without having to interfere with their schedules as much. What matters is that the bridge is handled by a device that maintains a clear, effective, and strong connection. That way, discussions aren’t misinterpreted and video signal strength remains constant.

How to Make it Happen

The best thing you can do for yourself and your team is to invest in carrier-grade, cloud-based architecture that enables for no-nonsense communications. DirectNet is proud to offer wholesale VoIP services that enable this at a budget-respectable price, along with a range of custom-tailored features and incredible security you can count on. With our help, you won’t need a bunch of expensive physical equipment to perform high-quality conference bridge calls that benefit all participants. 

Why Are Conference Bridge Calls So Popular?

Nowadays, many B2B companies utilize some form of a conference bridge call using a high-performing platform they can trust. Reduced time and resource wastage, lower operational costs, boosted productivity and communications efficiency, and uncompromising security, round out the key reasons why it’s more than a “trend.” Add in features such as cloud storage, video components, screen sharing, multi-device access, and file transfers, and you have a truly modern solution.

For the most resilient, superior-quality network – the new standard – consider cloud-based VoIP for your conference bridge calls. DirectNet is proud to offer a range of solutions for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more!