At DirectNet, we pride ourselves on delivering the new standard in cloud-based wholesale VoIP. Flexibility, full redundancy, and carrier-grade architecture are just a few of the many benefits associated with our future-facing technology, which is always backed by 24x7x365 NOC support services. However, what if you want to get to know the differences between VoIP origination and termination? They’re hardly the same but also hardly irrelevant to your setup; in fact, they serve as the backbone of quality modern telephony services.

Let’s dive in and explore these two terms in more detail. 


VoIP origination is really a fancy term for incoming calling on your established VoIP communications network. We call it origination because it refers to the specific handling processes associated with the originating call, which is then delivered to your connected communications device. When someone dials you up, the call is routed through us as the platform provider before reaching you. This means that VoIP origination requires a pre-existing phone number in order to work.


It’s probably a little confusing why the terminology for VoIP calling is backwards, with origination referring to the end of someone’s call to you and termination representing your outgoing communications. However, it makes sense when considering that termination really means sending outbound calls to what is known as the terminating end (the recipient). It sounds more complicated than it really is, at least in theory. In practice, it requires an efficient and dependable VoIP delivery platform in order to ensure your calls are clear and your network maintains maximum uptime. 

How DirectNet Delivers the New Standard in VoIP Calling

Whether you’re on the receiving end or sending out calls yourself, our fully redundant network is designed for the B2B sphere, meaning you get an array of useful features and the most flexible system possible. We’re entirely Canadian-owned and operated, doing everything in-house so you benefit from no middleman hassle and up to 99.96 percent uptime – among the highest in the industry.

For the best performance and improved potential for your business, you need a platform that can deliver expert managed remote servicing, real-time activations and flexibility, maximum availability, the full functionality that you expect, and more – all at a price that ensures good value. This is what DirectNet stands for, and we’re excited to show you what’s possible with our platform. Contact us today to learn more.