Is your business interested in setting up direct inward dialling (DID) functionality to enable improved communications efficiency? Your best bet for successful implementation is to work with an experienced and capable provider who knows what they’re doing. Today, let’s help paint a clearer picture of which characteristics you want from them when sourcing for DID services.

Flexibility and Scalability

You need a provider who can not only instantly provide DID numbers but also offers a platform that is scalable with your operations as they evolve. In that sense, finding someone who offers cloud-based VoIP telephony services in conjunction with DID is the most proactive choice. For instance, at DirectNet, we handle everything in-house, even when it comes to 24x7x365 support, so you can be assured that every aspect of your communications network is going to get along and work properly. This translates to greater flexibility and less hassle for your team when it comes to setting up more individual numbers internally. 


Having the freedom of choice shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially when it comes to choosing a provider. For instance, what if you’re interested in local DID portability and instant provisioning? Choosing a company that can deliver on all fronts is essential. Plus, why not enhance your communications performance and operational efficiency with perks such as postpay billing, per-channel or per-minute pricing, CNAME caller ID storage or other options? This is why many DirectNet clients stay with us indefinitely; there’s a lot of value to be had in so many offerings and extra features as part of your chosen services. 

Excellent Support

Speaking of support, you don’t want to be stuck with a large chunk of downtime and nobody to support you. That’s why we’re glad to offer carrier-class, cloud-based VoIP platform architecture that is paired with constant updates and support. Whether it’s having a new feature implemented digitally into your network or reaching out to us for assistance with an issue, we strive to ensure a network that our own employees are proud of. This equates to improved uptime – in fact, we’re known for some of the best at over 99.96 percent! 

Choosing the right DID provider is also about choosing the right overall communications experts who know how to maximize the performance of each number set up. For more assistance or insights into what DirectNet can do for your operations, contact us today.