Are you contemplating a switch from traditional PSTN to cloud-based VoIP? Or, are you simply curious about the benefits of SIP trunking services? Choosing an ideal provider is the first step in your telephony modernization journey. Today, we’ll go over the key behaviours of SIP trunk platform providers that you should gravitate towards, leaving outdated and inefficient alternatives in the dust.

Integration-Friendly Offerings

Implementing new innovations doesn’t have to be hard work. The right SIP trunking provider for the job is one that offers round-the-clock support, builds their platform around established network and IoT device compatibility, and works closely with you on implementing a hassle-free solution. Successful integration is key to successful communications, so you need to count on your employees being able to easily switch over to the new standard with no choke points in performance. 

Security and Stability

SIP trunking providers like us at DirectNet build our solutions to be fully redundant, resilient and prepared to tackle the future with ease. Updates are anything but painful, and you’ll benefit from carrier-grade system performance backed by encrypted end-to-end security features. The switch to modern telephony solutions is justified due to this fact alone, largely because of the inherent risks and vulnerabilities associated with hanging onto legacy alternatives. 

Fast, Dependable Service

We’ve touched on this a little when it comes to security, but the main reason you want to upgrade to a SIP trunking solution is the incredible performance potential. With DirectNet, for instance, you’ll enjoy up to 99.96 percent uptime – an industry-leading figure made possible by our carrier-grade system architecture. Your team can also take advantage of clearer, higher-quality call reception, potentially leading to higher engagement and productivity. Don’t put profit potential at risk for one more day when making the switch to a faster, more efficient solution has never been easier or more affordable! 

Incredible Value

With DirectNet SIP trunking, there’s no worrying whether your billing cycles will maintain the same pricing. We’ve designed our various packages and pricing tiers to offer useful features at great rates. There’s a misconception that the new standard in communications is expensive, and we aim to shatter those expectations with streamlined, budget-friendly pricing that enables more businesses to modernize their operations and improve service quality. Plus, since we handle everything in-house and never outsource, you’re always in touch with our own dedicated experts and no middlemen. This is even before factoring in long-term profit gains and cost savings associated with our aforementioned SIP trunking benefits. 

Want to learn more about the power of modern SIP trunking for your business? Reach out to us today and explore what our team has to offer.