Technological innovation doesn’t stand still. There’s always either something new in the works, entering the market to great excitement or getting phased out. Don’t let your business become the latter by settling for the costlier, outdated communications networking you have in place. There’s always room for improvement, and what if there’s a solution that was designed to evolve and adapt to new innovations?

Thankfully, there is. DirectNet offers highly flexible B2B wholesale VoIP solutions that are built from the ground up to change with the times as well as the scale of your business. Increased service agility means everything to our customers, and here are some key reasons why you should care about it as well.

Access to Scale from Day One

The best part about cloud-based voice solutions is that your business has breathing room to grow without worrying about communications performance suffering. In other words, you have access to a scalable, adaptive network from day one when signing up with DirectNet. This future-proofs your operations by ensuring consistent call quality, dependability and performance, even at peak times.

Networking that Evolves via Constant Innovation

DirectNet’s cloud-based VoIP adapts new technology and features remotely, handled by us in-house with no middle-man, to ensure you get the best possible connection. Even as new communications solutions and innovations enter the market, we ensure you don’t get left behind. This level of service agility means that you don’t need to worry about expensive internal IT teams or specialized hardware – we take care of everything ourselves so you can focus on growing your company. Networking that embraces constant innovation is a critical component of modern communications solutions.

Better Security, Better Results

Our carrier-grade architecture is an excellent example of modern VoIP solutions offering improved security and redundancy. It is more stable, powerful, bandwidth-adaptive and far less prone to error. In fact, DirectNet uptime is at an industry-leading 99.96 percent, meaning our clients don’t need to worry about outages or a lack of consistent support. This leads to happier employees, improved performance efficiency and much more growth potential over time, all while lowering communications-associated costs.

With 24x7x365 NOC support and monitoring, security-focused features and constant adaptiveness to the latest proven innovations, DirectNet’s carrier-class cloud networking is a cut above the rest. We’re 100 percent Canadian-owned and operated with everything handled in-house for the best results possible. Contact us today to experience greater service agility for your business than ever before.