Is your business experiencing smooth sailing with one of our cloud-based VoIP solutions at DirectNet? Or, are you using outdated, costlier technology that is introducing inefficiencies? Regardless, we all strive for the most network uptime we can get our hands on. That’s why DirectNet is proud to offer 99.96 percent uptime with our in-house support and flexible custom solutions. That said, it’s important to be aware of how your communications network’s reliability can influence operational efficiency. Let’s explore the subject in closer detail; here’s why uptime can make a business and downtime can break a business.

Network Security and Risk Prevention

Networks that are stable and resilient represent a markedly improved means of risk prevention. In the B2B sphere, this translates to improved performance and sales potential with fewer vulnerabilities. Security is a primary concern of any serious business looking to enhance their presence in the market, and network outages combined with constant periods of maintenance can act as open doors for viruses, hacks and other threats to take hold. Protecting data and maintaining firm control over your operations is crucial, especially in today’s always-online world when new cyber threats are always being cooked up.

Growth Potential

We’ve mentioned enhancing your growth potential countless times before, but there’s a reason: How far into the black your company can go, and the amount of growth possible is directly correlated to communications efficiency. This is a huge pain point for businesses that don’t change with the times. It’s why we see many companies expanding their operations after switching to DirectNet’s cloud-based wholesale VoIP solutions; they get the breathing room, finances and time back that would otherwise be wasted on outdated tech.

Cost Control

If your current communications solution is always down and being repaired, take a moment to consider how the expenses add up. This is especially true if you invest in in-house technology rather than outsource to the provider themselves at a lower cost. Trying to handle things internally means extra money spent on IT services, losses associated with prolonged downtime and reduced performance efficiency, and overall lower employee morale leading to worse results even when the network is active. Long story short, your team needs a modern communications solution that they can be confident about. Cutting out needless expenses while boosting uptime for less is just a win-win.

At DirectNet, we handle everything in-house, including our industry-leading 24x7x365 NOC support. If you’re in need of a highly resilient B2B communications solution with the most uptime possible, our resilient networking sets a new standard you can count on. Learn more by contacting us today.