Today more than ever, we depend on networking that is resilient and designed to be proactive. This is mainly because almost all businesses conduct their operations primarily online, and more than ever are switching to cloud-based solutions for their communications. The trouble is, outdated connections can be intercepted, meaning sensitive data and contact information can be stolen. This is a prevalent issue because not all cloud VoIP providers can offer the level of security your business needs to protect itself.

That’s why DirectNet sets a new standard in data encryption with our active monitoring and security features included in all networking . Protecting assets is essential to safeguarding company growth, and the first step towards doing so is to implement a secure communications solution such as ours.

Outstanding Support When You Need it

Having a solid support team is an essential element of any secure communications method. Therefore, a key benefit of choosing DirectNet is our passion for problem-solving. We offer 24x7x365 NOC support for any technical issues or queries you may have, ensuring you get an answer straight away without putting productivity on hold. We will also reach out to you if something appears to be amiss, just to ensure that your networking remains resilient and high-performing. Our team leaves nothing to chance because that’s all it takes for uptime to turn into downtime.

(Pro)active Monitoring

Our anti-fraud and anti-hacking suites offer unparalleled privacy control and security, but no voice communications provider should stop there. That’s why DirectNet also implements active monitoring from our NOC hub, and we also enable custom user privileges, so you get to control who has access to valuable assets, data and contact information. Combined with industry-leading call encryption, all on-net endpoints are privatized and effectively isolated from prying eyes of outsiders. These are just a few of the many features that comprise the most secure and versatile networking around.

Hardware Protection

If you’re looking for total peace of mind, look for a communications provider such as us who cares about hardware. This can protect against external and internal security compromises. For instance, DirectNet employs a range of features to protect your network from the ground up, including N+1 redundant power and core systems, secure cooling and temperature management, file detection and suppression services, and a load-balanced gateway array.

Altogether, the cloud-based voice is proving to be one of the most resilient, redundant and secure means of communication today. That’s why more businesses than ever are switching to us at DirectNet, and we’re happy to help you protect your business as well. Contact us today for further details.