At DirectNet, we are the standard for clear, effective voice communications in the 21st century. Our passion is to improve reliable technologies and complement them with cutting-edge features, making them more suitable for your business today. That said, why do we need a new, improved standard in VoIP networking? Let’s highlight why remaining innovative is essential to remaining relevant when it comes to B2B communications.

Strategize and Digitize

The less physical hardware you need to rely on, the less likelihood of something failing. Instead, switching to an internet-based voice solution using high-grade networking is a new way forward. Today, almost every company is actively online, using the web as a powerful foundation on which to grow their business. Through intuitive platform management and industry-leading customer support, it just makes sense to strategize via a merge of physical and digital technologies.

Always-On Networking Means Maximum Uptime

DirectNet is renowned for our industry-leading uptime of 99.96 percent over the past several years – a massive leap beyond what old-fashioned B2B networking can achieve. We achieve such lofty results by focusing on the core user experience, utilizing an always-on network that is fully redundant and cost-effective through minimal maintenance. Speaking of which, we handle everything in-house, so there’s no need to stress over waiting on your I.T team to step in.

Speed and Quality

A fast, resilient network is essential to staying ahead of the competition, and you won’t get very far using outdated VoIP tech that delivers slower performance. Plus, there’s the added risk of increased downtime as it continues to age. Instead, switch to a simple, fast and very reliable solution: Cloud-based wholesale VoIP. It offers all the features of a traditional phone system but also benefits from improved call quality, reception and bandwidth performance. There’s just no going wrong here.

The Simple Way to Succeed

If you’re tired of babysitting your network, why not switch to a modern VoIP communications solution? For instance, we at DirectNet handle everything in-house, from installation to 24xs7x365 NOC support services. There’s no worrying about the middleman because there isn’t one. You benefit from a direct link to those who know cloud-based VoIP best, making for a simpler way for your communications strategy to succeed.

Speed, resilience, dependability and renowned support every step of the way: That’s what the new standard of VoIP looks like. Step into the 21st century with DirectNet and discover the many benefits of modern B2B communications solutions. Contact our team for more info – we’re happy to help!