The team at DirectNet is proud to offer 100-percent Canadian-owned and operated communications networking services to countless businesses. That said, some customers wonder if we provide the ideal solution for them. Long story short, DirectNet is an excellent fit for just about any company in need of a fully redundant voice package with carrier-grade architecture. Let’s find out who benefits from our all-in-house team the most by exploring the services we offer.

Fully Managed Residential VoIP

For as low as $1.56 per month per account, DirectNet’s fully managed residential VoIP delivers our complete wholesale voice package for even less. Your all-in-one platform solution ensures full redundancy, flexibility, optimized cost control and up to 99.96 percent uptime – a rare feat in the industry. If you’re an ISP, VoIP reseller or otherwise, we’d be glad to help you optimize your communications efficiency with this platform.

Authorized Agent Residential VoIP

Becoming an authorized agent in residential VoIP introduces many perks, including having access to the highest revenue share in the industry. By spreading awareness of DirectNet as the new standard, entrepreneurial ventures and IT consultants alike enjoy the fastest speeds and carrier-grade architecture. Computer store owners and community groups are other ideal candidates for our partnership program, and we believe that spreading the word of our services through actually experiencing them for yourself is the way to go.

Our Wholesale Carrier Solutions

DirectNet is pleased to offer SIP trunking, Direct Inbound Voice and A-to-Z Termination, ensuring wholesale VoIP carriers enjoy greater flexibility and choice. Along with aggressive pricing that puts competitors to shame, we’re not afraid to deliver the fastest, most reliable voice solution possible. Whether you’re seeking to lower operating costs, launch new VoIP services or become a value-added reseller, this is the option for you.

DirectNet processes over 420 million domestic minutes annual, with DIDs available to over 1,000 cities and towns. With our 90-plus years of next-gen telecom experience and hundreds of satisfied customers across Canada, we’re the new standard in VoIP for many businesses. Therefore, we’re excited to have some great service options available for a wide array of customer types.

Whether you run a computer store or represent a carrier, we can help your business modernize, maximize efficiency and grow. Learn more about DirectNet by contacting us today to discuss our available voice packages and partnership programs.