Modern business telephony solutions are shifting away from legacy alternatives in an effort to simplify operations and drive day-to-day costs down. There’s often no need for a dedicated team of technicians or expensive network upgrades thanks to the latest innovations. SIP trunking, in that respect, is one of the most cost-effective and results-focused solutions a business can implement today.

However, what if you’re used to traditional telephony and aren’t familiar with what SIP really represents? Today, let’s dive a little deeper and explore the specifics to show you the benefits of this technology. 

The Basics

SIP trunks, in theory, are relatively straightforward communications solutions: They enable business phone systems to place calls utilizing an established internet connection instead of dedicated lines. This frees up resources, drives cost down, and reduces the amount of wiring you have to contend with. The system architecture is similar to that of legacy ISDN PR1 or T1 lines, except nothing needs to be physically installed and your established connection does the brunt of the work. 

Choosing the Right Provider

Remember how we said that, in theory, SIP trunking is a straightforward operation? Well, the real trick is finding an established provider who offers dependable, cost-effective service that can be configured to suit the needs of your specific operations. With DirectNet, for instance, we can help you dramatically drop your communications costs while boosting performance and operational efficiency – all over your internet connection via our digital solutions. We also handle 24x7x365 NOC support and system maintenance remotely and in-house, meaning there’s no middleman and much more uptime – up to 99.96 percent. 

Great Performance at a Great Price

SIP trunking is much cheaper than alternatives using analogue systems, and interdepartmental calls are either free or close to it. Plus, getting as many ISDN lines as needed is a great perk, enabling for a solution that can scale with your company without stubborn compromises. With no minimum spends, carrier negotiations or contract nightmares, provisioning via an API or dedicated user interface eliminates the clutter and hassle, leaving you free to help your business perform at its peak.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of SIP trunking? DirectNet is here to help. Contact us today to familiarize yourself with the new standard in B2B telephony service offerings. We’re excited to help you maximize the potential of your business!