With the new year in full swing, we at DirectNet couldn’t be more excited for the prospects on the horizon – for us as well as our loyal customers! As technologies change and new innovations emerge, the world of communications is set for a breakthrough in many ways. Here are our predictions for how 2019 will go when it comes to cloud-based VoIP, networking, and communications efficiency.

UCaaS Adoption Rates Will Climb

In 2019 and beyond, we expect to see a substantial increase in businesses adopting cloud-based communications infrastructures. More and more companies are becoming aware of the benefits associated with making the switch; reduced operating costs, increased uptime, network stability and communications quality are just a few examples. Rather than having to splurge on pricey in-house hardware, a third party manages the network remotely.  At DirectNet, we handle our cloud-based voice solutions ourselves, ensuring you get constant support and greater resilience.

Rapid Adoption of Cloud-Based Solutions

We fully understand the ways cloud-based wholesale VoIP can future-proof a business for years to come, and we’ve seen an increase in adoption as technology becomes more capable. We definitely will see this trend continue at the very least if not ramp up entirely. More businesses than ever are switching to remote-managed, monitored and 24x7x365-supported cloud communications solutions because it just makes sense. This form of modernization represents lower costs, much-improved uptime, better communications quality, boosted productivity, and happier employees.

Greater Emphasis on In-App and Cross-Device Connectivity

As smart device applications continue to become more capable and powerful, we envision a continued investment in in-app connectivity. After all, the goal of UC is to boost efficiency, lower costs and make your business as productive as possible. This is where seamless, cloud-based connectivity and network management comes into play. Devices such as smartphones, laptops and desktop computers now can instantly communicate with one another, share files, and primarily act as an extension of the network. Everything is linked, connections are faster, and business growth potential is maximized as a result.

The 5G Era Begins

The fifth generation of mobile communications is set to introduce faster data speeds to the mainstream, and at a lower cost to boot. This is good news, as such technology used to be ridiculously expensive. Combined with lower latencies and higher network capacity, it’s the perfect pairing for your cloud-based communications solution, enabling a more efficient means of remote contact for less.

If your business is eager to face the future and enhance growth potential, now is the time to make the switch to cloud-based wholesale VoIP. Learn more about DirectNet’s cost-effective, results-driven communications services today.