There are all sorts of cloud-based voice options out there, but DirectNet stands apart – and far ahead – of the crowd for a number of reasons. Among them is our one-stop shop approach as a 100% Canadian-owned and operated provider. We’re always focused on giving you the best innovations at the best value. Today, let’s explore what this approach means for B2B and wholesale residential customers who count on us for the best communications solution.

Greater Resilience and Reliability

DirectNet boasts the highest uptime around – 99.96 percent over the last seven years, to be exact. Our coverage is extensive, with DIDs available to over 1,000 communities and counting from coast to coast, and we process over 420 million domestic minutes on an annual basis. Collectively, this represents many years of practical experience and familiarity with the latest innovations. Our networking solutions are custom-built from the ground up, offering greater reliability and resilience. It’s why our hundreds of satisfied, loyal customers from across Canada continue to trust not just in the DirectNet name, but in the leading-edge services we offer.

Support You Can Count on

DirectNet stands apart from the rest because of our commitment to quality control. Although incredibly rare, when there is a hiccup, we’re there to fix it properly. Our team offers dedicated 24x7x365 NOC support to address any and all concerns with your network, and our goal is to keep you up and running as smoothly as possible. As new innovations arrive, you’ll also benefit from our solutions being future-proofed, as often a simple network update through us is all that is needed to optimize communications efficiency further.

A Single Source at a Low Cost

We’re proud to be able to handle your network ourselves, and it represents significant gains in terms of reliability and cost-effectiveness. By cutting out the middle man and processing everything in-house, your business’ simplified voice solution will be actively monitored, maintained and safeguarded by our own experts. This ensures a single reliable source handling your voice networking at a much lower cost, deployed by the folks who are the most familiar with it. We believe this approach is essential not just to protecting both your communications budget as well as the efficiency of your connection, but to ensure peace of mind amongst our clients.

Are you ready to optimize your B2B or residential voice? DirectNet’s one-stop shop approach is an ideal way to do so. Contact us today to learn more about how we set a new standard in wholesale VoIP.