Unsure what the benefits are to simplified voice? It’s understandable if you aren’t familiar with the technology. DirectNet has been helping companies adopt the latest innovations to help them succeed in today and tomorrow’s B2B sphere. That being said, let’s dive into some key reasons why making the switch to this modern communications solution can influence the way your business performs – both financially and in terms of operational efficiency.

Competitive Pricing

Simplified voice means simplified costs, helping your company save on communications expenses while maximizing efficiency. For example, DirectNet’s pricing gives you the choice of whichever options appeal most to your business’ needs. Lower operating costs by cutting out what features you don’t need, enabling you to benefit from a balanced solution that makes sense for your communications budget.  

Fewer Communication Lines

Many businesses who don’t switch to simplified voice are stuck with multiple lines in order to optimize voice and data traffic throughput. Solutions such as DirectNet’s cloud-based wholesale VoIP incorporate broadband circuitry to connect to your internet network, meaning the days of managing multiple lines – as well as the headaches and costs associated with them – can be left behind with confidence.

Remote, Streamlined Access

Cloud-based voice solutions such as those from DirectNet can be remotely accessed and managed, giving your business greater flexibility and resilience when it comes to maintaining consistent, reliable communications. In addition, this removes instances when a single point of failure could otherwise compromise your entire team’s productivity.

Growth with Your Company

Sticking with outdated or less-efficient technology can negatively impact your company’s growth potential. Therefore, modernizing communications is imperative to success in the B2B sphere. Our cloud-based simplified voice solutions are purposefully designed to scale with your business’ needs. This makes for a more convenient and hassle-free solution, enabling for hiccup-free growth and maximum potential while saving on communications costs through the use of the latest technologies.

Custom Solutions

If you’re looking for an optimized, efficient means of managing B2B voice communications, VoIP 2.0 is the answer. For instance, our own cloud-based product consolidates and integrates all the critical elements needed to ensure a complete, well-rounded voice solution. Service providers benefit from faster launches and migrations while maintaining control over product and customers.

If you’re interested in upgrading to fast, flexible and resilient technology of cloud-based voice, DirectNet establishes a new standard of excellence. Learn more about our custom wholesale VoIP solutions today to maximize the potential of your company’s growth.