As a 100% Canadian-owned and operated company, DirectNet delivers cloud-based wholesale VoIP solutions to local businesses in need of the best results. But how? As it turns out, there are many benefits you can enjoy when dealing with Canadian-owned operations such as ours. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Fair, Competitive Rates

There are many businesses out there who offer a service to Canadians, but many raise prices under the guise of taxes, currency rates, and “higher operating costs.” We believe that wholesale VoIP solutions don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. By working with a 100% Canadian-owned cloud-based VoIP platform provider like us, you get the lowest price, guaranteed.

24x7x365 NOC Supported Services

If you live in Canada and try to get support from a VoIP services provider located elsewhere, what kind of support will you even receive? A Canadian-owned company will be more dependable and readily prepared to help in the event of technical issues. In fact, DirectNet is proud to offer 24x7x365 NOC supported services. Our in-house experts will work closely with you to make sense of the problem and perform any necessary repairs.

A One-Stop Shop

Since we do everything in-house, you don’t need to shop around or outsource to other companies to keep things running smoothly. From regular maintenance to innovative updates, diagnostic support, and set-up, DirectNet covers it all. This is made possible by functioning as a 100% Canadian-owned and operated business, as it gives us the flexibility and efficiency needed to deliver the best service possible.

Regulatory Compliance and Knowledge of Canadian Laws

DirectNet’s headquarters are located in Waterloo, Ontario, and our primary switch centre and NOC can be found in Toronto. We ensure regulatory compliance and corporate governance, which enables us to serve even more businesses with cloud-based VoIP at a great value. You receive carrier-grade architecture and the best possible performance for less, no strings attached.

With a firm commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction, DirectNet is the standard when it comes to B2B cloud-based VoIP. As a 100% Canadian-owned and operated service provider, we handle every aspect of our operations in-house to give you consistently top-quality service. Businesses benefit from simplified solutions, always-available support and the best possible value. Contact us today for more information on our wholesale B2B VoIP solutions.