VoIP termination, where an originating call is terminated on the PSTN, is a valuable asset to business customers. As a 100% Canadian-owned and operated leader in wholesale VoIP platforms, DirectNet delivers this service at a competitive value. We also know how beneficial it is in the B2B sphere, so here are some key advantages of our wholesale VoIP termination for businesses:

Adaptive to Your Business

If you end up needed to expand your VoIP network, wholesale VoIP termination can keep up with it. As a highly flexible, adaptive service, it enables for quick and easy network extension. This can make it easier for businesses with employees who work abroad and need to communicate remotely on the same secure network.

Reliable, with Expert Support

Business customers benefit most from services by dependable companies such as us who perform everything in-house, even when it comes to VoIP termination. When working with a reputable wholesale VoIP service provider like DirectNet, you’ll experience more resilient and reliable network connectivity. We offer 24x7x365 support on-hand for fast problem-solving.


If there’s one thing your business can always do more of, it’s reducing operating costs. DirectNet’s wholesale VoIP termination services are offered at a low price to help companies of any size maximize their potential. With no hidden fees or hassle, you can rest easy. In addition, extra expenses such as those associated with configuration, setting up additional lines and maintenance are removed. This is due to the fact that we manage everything ourselves, helping you save further.  

Streamlined User Experience

One more reason to consider DirectNet’s wholesale VoIP termination is the sheer simplicity of it all. Running a business doesn’t have to involve micro-managing communications networks, not when they can be streamlined to become more efficient. Our wholesale VoIP termination is just one example of how we make the user experience as seamless as possible. We take care of all the maintenance and regular upkeep, as well as update technology for continued efficiency. In addition, our cloud-based VoIP services boast a simplified, no-nonsense operating interface, resulting in a well-rounded and overall better user experience.

At DirectNet, we deliver wholesale B2B VoIP services built around resilience and exceptional quality. This way, your business can focus on developing and growing without having to take steps backwards to address communications issues. Contact us today for more details.