Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and as a Canadian B2B communications service provider, we at DirectNet want to wish business customers and their families a wonderful day. We’re one of the most reputable cloud-based VoIP providers around thanks to you. That said, our customer satisfaction and success influence the level of service we can provide. Today, let’s explore how DirectNet clients directly benefit from our highly regarded service quality.

Everything is Handled Completely In-House

An excellent reputation brings with it more trust in what we do. Therefore, DirectNet is better-positioned than ever to continue to remain 100% Canadian-owned and operated, handling everything from service updates to continued innovation in-house. By cutting out the middleman and handling everything ourselves, you get the best possible service quality.

24x7x365 NOC Support

The DirectNet team is here for you, and all feedback is taken very seriously. We consult it to continually innovate and improve upon our customer support and diagnostic services. This makes us a one-stop shop for all things related to cloud-based VoIP services in the B2B sphere. Our 24x7x365 NOC supported services are best-in-class, handled by DirectNet’s own experts who specialize in our platform.

Continued Innovation

DirectNet services already are among the most reliable and efficient around, but our team doesn’t want to stop there: Our goal is to deliver flexibility and innovation through service updates and other features. This ensures our B2B clients receive the most resilient, simplified and streamlined solution. Advanced multi-layer security, simplified set-up and onboarding, and carrier-grade architecture for the best possible performance are a few of the innovations DirectNet can deliver because of the support of our customers.

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed

As more business clients trust DirectNet, we continue to be able to offer the most cost-effective, simplified communications solution around. Monetize and optimize the voice of your operations while cutting down on time wastage, expense, and the need for Human resources.

Much like how our clients are thankful for cost-effective cloud-based VoIP that doesn’t sacrifice quality or ease of use, DirectNet is thankful for them. With 90 years of combined next-gen telecom experience and hundreds of satisfied customers from coast to coast, it’s an exciting road ahead. Look forward to continued improvements, innovations, and value.