You know the expression, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” When it comes to outdated communications methods in the B2B sphere, this is akin to duct-taping something over and over to deny that it’s falling apart and ineffective. That’s our philosophy at DirectNet: Deliver the new standard, made possible by our cloud-based VoIP communications packages including hosted PBX. 

Today, let’s dig into how that new standard can lead to optimized operations on your end – and more potential.

Better Features at a Lower Cost

Yesteryear, high-end features were reserved for enterprise-grade networks. What if we told you the benefits you dreamt of were possible with a 100-percent Canadian-owned and operated carrier-grade alternative? DirectNet’s hosted PBX makes it easier than ever to keep in touch, optimize for multiple users and even work remotely – all without sacrificing connection quality and without an exorbitant price tag. Plus, adjusting which features you want on your plan is easy, ensuring we can cater to your exact needs at a rate that’s suitable for your budget. 


Speaking of quality, it’s a major pain point of customers on antiquated alternatives when it comes to B2B communications. Leave the headaches behind with cloud-based voice networking. Hosted services bake HD voice, the standard for VoIP performance, right into the core system – you shouldn’t have to pay more for the clarity you deserve. That means you can effectively double or even triple call quality without extra charges, making you, your employees, and your customers that much happier. 


Our network moves with you, and it never loses pace. Whether you need to make room for 25 new agents or are downsizing to boost internal spend control, DirectNet remains a flexible and effective solution for your communications. This is made possible by our not needing to perform a ton of physical installations and tweaks – everything is handled over the cloud, including updates and performance checks.  All you need is an IP phone, an Ethernet cord, and our wholesale VoIP platform, and you’re good to go. From setup to office moves and otherwise, we won’t slow you down – quite the opposite, in fact!

DirectNet is proud to deliver the new standard with our hosted PBX services via cloud-based wholesale VoIP. Our carrier-grade, highly resilient yet flexible architecture offers improved cost control, call quality, a range of handy features at a lower price, total scalability, and more. To discover how else modern communications solutions will benefit your operations, reach out to us today.