Are you considering upgrading your telephony services for more efficient B2B communications? You’re not alone. Many businesses are on the verge of making the switch, and some owners are curious about whether or not it’s that big of a leap forward. It can be hard to determine whether or not to switch depending on the provider you choose as well as your current networking setup. We’re here to confirm that changing to cloud-based VoIP service from DirectNet isn’t just a leap forward, but also above and beyond your expectations. Here’s how we can function as the new standard when it comes to quality service you can count on.

Better Performance

Upgrading to modernized B2B communications services means that you can take advantage of the latest innovations and features. From API for back-office integration to automated porting and compatibility with SIP mobile apps, a fully managed and redundant Canadian VoIP network like ours can give you greater peace of mind and fewer headaches — the perfect new year’s resolution for your operations.

Future-Proof Networking

Fast, resilient networking is more important than ever, but how about in 2019? As more businesses upgrade their communications in the future, you may find yourself left behind and unable to keep up with the competition if using outdated technology. Switching to cloud-based VoIP gives you more uptime (99.96 percent with DirectNet) which is the result of more stable, efficient, and dependable networking. With regular updates and tweaks to our services, we can continue to deliver the results you need in 2019 and beyond.

Expert Support Today, Tomorrow, Anytime

Investing in the new standard in any form of service can be worrying for businesses who need to be able to trust that they’ll work, but you can put these worries aside when reaching out to DirectNet. Out B2B wholesale VoIP is 100-percent Canadian-owned and operated, including when it comes to our support. Experienced team members are available on a 24x7x365 NOC basis, giving you constant access to keep your always-on network in peak operational order. Whether in 2019 or beyond, we will be there to help keep everything running smoothly to meet your needs.

Choosing a telephony service you can count on has never been easier or more affordable than with DirectNet. We’re proud to establish our feature-packed, cloud-based managed VoIP services as the new standard in B2B communications.

Reach out to our team today to learn more, and here’s to a prosperous 2019!