Let’s say you’ve been using outdated telephony solutions for years, but the time has come to switch to something modern and more efficient. Well, we at DirectNet can make your B2B communications much simpler and more reliable with our wholesale cloud-based VoIP platform. But wait, what is VoIP and what are its benefits? It can be hard to understand for folks who’ve never relied on it before. 

Today, in this first part of what will become an ongoing series, let’s help paint a crystal-clear image of how VoIP works, plus why it can help your company grow and thrive.

The Basics

Voice over Internet Protocol – known otherwise as VoIP – is a sophisticated technology that converts standard telephony services into a digital signal. This signal is then securely streamed over a data connection, such as via a computer or phone with web access. This is achieved with packet-switched protocols, which means your data is safely transmitted over any VoIP-compatible network and can’t be easily intercepted. The result is a fast, efficient, high-quality, and incredibly secure communications solution. 

Why is VoIP Such a Big Deal?

VoIP, particularly cloud-based platforms with 24/7/365 NOC support, is far more stable, reliable, and fully redundant compared to standard phone networking. It’s an all-in-one solution that unifies all connected devices – faxes, web conference setups, and more – and makes your B2B team all the more effective at their duties. Even cell phones factor into the equation via cloud-based wholesale VoIP, meaning your team and clients are never out of reach even on the go. Plus, long-distance and international communications fees are made a thing of the past thanks to the web-based integration of the platform. These points and many more are why VoIP is becoming the new standard in communications in the always-connected world we’re surrounded by today.

Choosing an all-in-house wholesale VoIP provider like DirectNet means you never need to waste money on iffy IT services or struggle through downtime; our secure, carrier-based architecture comes complete with dedicated, round-the-clock support and remote servicing in the form of regular updates. Plus, our uptime is at an industry-leading 99.96 percent. In other words, your communications network will allow you to do just that: Communicate efficiently and focus on growth, with high-quality reception, flexibility, and performance you can count on. Learn more by contacting us today – we’re happy to help you discover VoIP, the new standard in B2B communications!