Businesses operate in uncertain times, there’s no denying it. However, that doesn’t mean we should believe the misconceptions out there surrounding cloud-based VoIP or other telephony solutions. Cloud-based telecoms are becoming more widely adopting, slowly but surely transforming into the new standard for a new way of working. With that said, what are the common misconceptions about such technologies?

Let’s debunk them now and help you prepare for a more efficient tomorrow.

Cloud Isn’t Secure

False. If anything, thanks to user-controlled permissions management and data privacy protocols, cloud-based communications are more secure than hardwired legacy alternatives. With no more physical hardware that can be tampered with, everything is isolated behind an encrypted platform architecture that is designed for both flexibility and carrier-grade protection against cyber threats. There’s also the added benefit of hassle-free cloud backups, reducing failover times and making disaster recovery anything but a headache. 

Call Quality Will Suffer

Not true. It’s quite the opposite, actually, as dedicated landlines use legacy wiring and components that are sensitive to physical damage or complications. Today’s PBX solutions utilize every bit of bandwidth to ensure clear, rich audio and low latency on either end. Therefore, cloud-based telephony doesn’t encounter such problems as it utilizes a single, stable network connection, meaning your calls may actually sound better than on non-IoT systems. In regards to call quality, there will be more uptime – up to 99.96 percent when choosing DirectNet, for instance – and it’ll be easier to dial in remotely or from a different device. 

To Switch to Cloud Is to Give Up Your Rights

Also false. Hosted or not, today’s PBX solutions give you more control as opposed to legacy alternatives. At DirectNet, for instance, we empower MSPs with state-of-the-art services and round-the-clock support that encourages their involvement, offering greater personalization and seamless updating to align with operational needs. By extension, this also means that clients will have a more custom-tailored communications solution, with no need to update physical hardware or let services go down just for an update.

At DirectNet, we believe in strengthening your voice and making it easier to manage – literally. With our cloud-based telecoms solutions available with useful features and sensible pricing, managed entirely in-house, there’s neither no middleman nor any worrying over a loss of control. Discover our stable, carrier-grade, secure and fully redundant solutions for yourself today by contacting our experienced VoIP team.