Many businesses deliver the best service possible in their eyes but don’t always consider what the user experience is like. There’s an old expression for it – “out of sight, out of mind.” At DirectNet, however, we like to consider how our services engage not only businesses but also those they communicate with. Today, we’ll highlight some ways cloud-based VoIP can boost engagement.


Simply put, you’re going to get frustrated if calls keep getting dropped. What should be a simple means of communication can become a negative influence on growth for your business if you use outdated technology. An ideal solution is DirectNet’s cloud-based VoIP for B2B, which is built on carrier-grade architecture. Along with the assistance of 24x7x365 NOC in-house support experts, you can switch to more efficient, dependable service that is regularly maintained.

Communications Quality

Cloud-based VoIP excels in delivering crystal-clear call audio. This can help your business make more informed and accurate choices, ensuring critical information isn’t misinterpreted. Quick and easy to set up and integrate with back-office systems, our telephony solutions deliver a professional communications experience with no hassle. This is how it should be for every customer.

Improved Focus

Having the most efficient, resilient service around means you don’t need to worry about distractions in the form of glitches or network outages. Cloud-based VoIP is built around the user experience itself, reducing time, capital and human resources significantly. This helps you focus on communicating with other businesses to make the best possible impression. In short, your growth potential is better safeguarded.

Service Agility

For maximum engagement as your business grows and evolves, you need a communications solution that adapts to it. Delivering simplified VoIP is vital to us, and that includes implementing technology that can scale. With this increased service agility, you can take advantage of continuous innovation from day one. Whether we further enhance call quality or implement new features, it will benefit your engagement.

Actively engaging others is a critical component in helping any business succeed. DirectNet’s B2B cloud-based VoIP offers a practical, scalable and cost-effective solution designed for the long term. Combined with cutting-edge technology and features, we offer 24x7x365 NOC assistance to address your needs as well as advanced security solutions – all in one convenient package. For more information about our telephony services, contact us today.