There are many different understandings of what VoIP services can provide, along with several misinterpretations. At DirectNet, we want to ensure our clients have all the information they need as well as the correct facts. So today, let’s take a look at some false claims concerning VoIP services and debunk them together.

“Installation is Frustrating”

This is false. In fact, setting up cloud-based VoIP services is an even smoother process than when using legacy connections and equipment. And if you work with a smaller-sized provider with more resources, the process is sped up and made even more streamlined. Many VoIP services come with configuration setup from the manufacturer, meaning you only need a powerful PC to use as a PBX server (though some providers will take care of this also).

“It’s Not as Reliable”

In fact, VoIP services couldn’t be more reliable, especially when compared to legacy services and systems. It all depends on the quality of your internet connection: If it’s strong, fast and free of latency, your service will be excellent. The simplified technology used in cloud-based VoIP makes for a far more reliable and less stressful telephony experience.

“VoIP Offers Poor Security”

This is also wrong. To be honest, landlines are far more prone to leaks and security flaws than VoIP calls. Of course, this all depends on the features your system has implemented to protect against hackers. DirectNet’s cloud-based VoIP, for example, is designed from the ground up for maximum security, resilience and dependability. We incorporate some unique technical innovations to protect you and your business at all costs.

“The Savings Aren’t Worth It”

Cloud-based VoIP offers more savings than any other form of telephony service. Free local calls are only the tip of the iceberg – there are also low-cost international call and package deals. Some businesses don’t switch to VoIP because they worry about having to shell out for constant upgrades, but this is another cost that can be reduced or even eliminated over time, as some package plans and providers cover upgrades. Combined with excellent support, you’ll save much more in the long term.

“It’s Only for Large Businesses”

VoIP is an excellent solution for any size of business, contrary to popular belief. The internet is taking over the communications industry by a longshot, and the future of all things telephony is with cloud-based VoIP. The conventional telephone is a relic of the past, and it’s always a good idea to modernize your business to more efficiently face the future. Whether you’re a team of ten or a thousand, VoIP really is the way to go.

At DirectNet, our wholesale VoIP offers exceptional quality, resilience and the best results for less. Our team works closely with you to ensure everything works smoothly and continues to do so. For more information on how we can enhance your business communications, contact us today.