Defining Popular Telecom Terms III

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The voice communications industry is a fascinating environment to work in, but many businesses find themselves struggling to modernize due to a language barrier of sorts, namely due to terminology that can get really technical. Today, let’s explore some more popular telecom terms and define them to help paint a clearer picture. DHCP Otherwise known [...]

4 Key Benefits of B2B VoIP Services from an Experienced Provider

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The best service comes from those who know it best – it’s that simple. If a business has many years of experience in their prospective market, it shows. The DirectNet team has been delivering cloud-based B2B VoIP solutions since 2010, with over 90 years of collective next-gen telecom experience. Operating as more than just a mere [...]

4 Things to Consider When Switching to VoIP

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With VoIP, there are so many options out there with all sorts of options at different prices. Regardless, it’s a good idea to choose VoIP services that are top quality, highly resilient, and more efficient. Take the next step forward in telephone technology with VoIP, and you won’t want to look back. Today, let’s go over [...]

Why is Communication Quality so Important?

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Businesses thrive on a successful, dependable communications connections to operate successfully. Therefore, they turn to service providers such as us at DirectNet for the best-quality wholesale telephony services possible. With innovative technology and decades of industry experience, we establish a new standard that helps B2B connectivity. Here are some key reasons why communication quality is so [...]

Defining Popular Telecom Terms

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At DirectNet, we believe in delivering simplified, effective wholesale VoIP services to businesses across Canada. These less expensive and more dependable services are designed around customer satisfaction and enhanced communications potential, and there are many different terms used. We want you to have the information needed to be knowledgeable of the service we deliver, and as [...]

SIP Trunking for Business

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A SIP trunk connects your business to a PSTN via IP/broadband. It’s often sold as an alternative to ISDN. It has also become the standard medium over which to deliver VoIP services. There are many benefits associated with SIP trunk connections for businesses, including great reliability, network resilience, long-term scalability, and flexibility when it comes to your business’ [...]

VoIP for Beginners: Frequently Asked Questions about VoIP

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Because you are here it means you are already interested in VoIP. And you are on the right route! This technology is spreading worldwide as fast as a word of mouth. Why? First of all because it is cheap and at the same time efficient. But beginners usually are afraid to go into too technical issues, [...]

Why Businesses Choose Wholesale VoIP Termination

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Hand in hand with the rapid development of VoIP technology, wholesale VoIP termination is also gaining momentum. VoIP wholesale services are becoming increasingly popular both among public and business sector representatives, quickly turning VoIP into a primary means of telephone communication. Such wide interest continues to grow towards VoIP services which serve as a reliable communications model [...]

What is Wholesale VoIP or VoIP Wholesale?

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Wholesale VoIP is an integral part of the international communications sector. Wholesale VoIP is a service which is provided by wholesale carriers to other service providers and deals with startups and extensions of their networks. Wholesale VoIP providers give you the opportunity of talking with your family and friends all across the world, while the provider itself is responsible [...]